The voice of Abe and Wil in the Big Bang Theory

We just had a very relaxed weekend. I had a great time playing Atelier Rorona and watching what could be described as a Big Bang Theory marathon. Now, normally I don’t exactly share on here what I do in my free time (well, aside from gaming that is), but seeing a news fact on made me decide to share this with you.

The new game that I wrote about before (here), Codename S.T.E.A.M was released this weekend in the US. Fun fact is that the voice of Abe Lincoln in the game is that of Wil Wheaton. A familiar actor for all Star Trek fans, as he played the part of ensign Crusher on the Next Generation. And as I saw him appear in a guest role several times this weekend in the Big Bang Theory I decided to make that connection here.

Bakersfield, Star Trek, convention, Big Bang, AmyI am late in watching Big Bang Theory, I know. My only defense is that I hardly ever watch television. But when I accidently saw the episode where Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard are on their way to a Star Trek Convention and have their car stolen while making pictures of themselves dressed as their favorite characters, I  was hooked. So when I had the opportunity to buy the boxed set of all the episodes recently, I snapped it up. Lucky for me, my husband likes it just as much, so this weekend we watched episode after episode..after episode. And didn’t get bored at all!

A lot of the Star Trek cast made guest appearances in the show. Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner: all of them had a part in it playing themselves. Small wonder that I like it, seeing how many of their interests are the same as mine. Gaming, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings…could it be that I’m a nerd after all? 😄

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  1. lol What a coincidence! I finally started watching the Big Bang Theory myself yesterday. My husband likes it and has been watching clips online, but I just had never had a chance. We just watched 2 rental discs worth of episodes from season 1 and me and my daughter just loved it and giggled all the way! We rented Game of Thrones too only to find it was not my thing :-p

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