TheCabin is getting ready for the New Leaf tourists

Remember how I tend to say that I like to go where the gaming mood takes me? Well, this past week I’ve been doing just that. I’ve been happily puttering away at Style Boutique aka Style Savvy Fashion Forward (my Game of the Month August) and it put me in the mood for some good sim-gaming. No RPG or adventures for me this time, no, I’m going back to my gaming roots: Animal Crossing New Leaf!

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The news we got last week about the Amiibo update and the special Amiibo cards that will be in stores made me want to revisit my town. I have two, one on my European 3DS called TulipIn, and one on my American 3DS called TheCabin. Now to be honest, the first one is kinda my favorite, but as TheCabin now runs on a New 3DS which has integrated reading ability for the Amiibo cards, I decided it would be best to go back into that one. It will make it easier to read the special cards into when the time comes.

TheCabin has been a Cabin in the woods from the beginning, all green and without paths. Which leaves you with not a lot to do, and I do need some goals to work towards. So I decided TheCabin is going to be renovated to a Cabin for the tourists that will arrive in their RV’s: good infrastructure, nice flowers and pleasing views. There will be some woodsy areas, otherwise the tourists might not feel this is the real wilderness. And we gotta give our visitors what they want, right?


Some of the animals have lodged complaints with Isabel. They don’t like their quiet life being overturned by a zealous mayor. They were happy puttering away at their daily life, hardly noticing their mayor had been absent for some years and now they have been woken up at the break of dawn to the sound of axes and tree trunks crashing down. The town seems bare to them, and they are not convinced things will turn out for the better. My favorite animal Graham even turned and ran, moving out of town before I had the chance to stop him.

But I’ll tell you, I won’t let them stand in the way of Progress! TheCabin will be ready for the hordes of tourists moving in, which reminds me: I’d better ask Tom Nook if he can install a full hook-up ability to my campsite!image



    1. They do. And I’ve always felt a bit guilty that I didn’t put as much effort in my New Leaf towns as in my Wild World town. Isn’t if funny how a three year old game can be interesting again?

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