Third update Farm Together on the Switch

Are you still enjoying tending your farm in Farm Together? The game can really keep you busy, and the developers are making sure you won’t get bored. Today, the third update came to the Switch. Aside from two new DLC packs, they’ve made some bug fixes as well.

New DLC:

  • Jalapeño Pack and Ginger Pack

New items:

  • New fish: Sea Bream and Snapper

  • New flower: Purple Daffodil

  • New clothing: Shirt and T-Shirt

  • New building: Farmhands Union


  • Fixed House/Farm Shop windows breaking when quickly hitting the cancel/open shop buttons.

  • Fixed incorrect behavior on the Treadmill.

  • Fixed being unable to control the pause menu if pausing while moving down-right.

  • Fixed time not advancing at the proper pace (depending on the framerate, seasons would take 5-20 seconds longer than expected).

  • Fixed “Quests” permissions level not working properly.

  • Fixed being unable to see pet/tractor customization items from other players if you didn’t have them unlocked.


  • Guestbook is now paged, so it shouldn’t take so long to show up on popular farms.

  • Vastly improved time it takes for the “Recycle Farm” option to finish.

  • Improved performance when working with event items in a tractor.

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