This Week’s eShop Releases (May 31st)

It’s time to publish yet another list of eShop releases!  As usual, we’ve tried to provide a link to all titles except those that don’t fit into the site’s family ethos.

The only game we were unable to find a link for was Operation Hardcore, but information about that particular game is available via the Steam website.  Also, please feel free to share your purchases with others (if any) by taking part in the poll below.

Nintendo Switch

31st May

Lost Sea – Eastasiasoft – £8.09/€8,99 (10% Sale in Europe until 7/06/2018)/$9.99

6180 the moon – Turtie Cream – £3.59/€ 3,99 (already available in the US)

Smoke and Sacrifice – Curve Digital – £19.99/$19.99/€ 24,99

Discovery – Noowanda – £6.99/ € 7,99 (already available in US)

Pirate Pop Plus – 13AM Games – £3.79/$4.99/€4,20

ACA NEOGEO Ninja Combat – £6.29/$7.99/ €6,99

ICEY – X.D. Network – £7.59/$9.99/€8,39

World Soccer Pinball – EnjoyUp Games – £1.79/$1.99/ €1,99

Defoliation – COSEN – £8.09/$9.99/ € 8,99

Quad Fighter K – Aksys Games – £6.29/$7.99/ € 6,99

Shift Quantum – £15.99/€19,99/$19.99

Songbringer – £15.99/€19,99/$19.99

Johnny Turbo’s Arcade Joe and Mac Caveman Ninja – $6.99 (North America Only)

Just Shapes and Beats – £15.49/€16,79/$19.99

16 + Rated Games

Yesterday Origins – Microids – £26.99/€29,99/$29,99

Milanoir – Gambitious – £11.69/$12.99

West of Loathing – Asymmetric – £9.00/$11.00/€ 9,00

Nintendo 3DS

Dragon Lapis – £8.99/$9.99€9.99

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon – £8.99/€9.99 (Already released in North America)

1st June 2018

Operation Hardcore – Greenlight Games – £7.49/€8,29 (Europe only)

Super Sportmatchen – DANGEN Entertainment – £13.49/ € 14,99

Jumping Joe and Friends – £4.49/€4,99/$4.99

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory – £39.99/ € 39,99

5th June

Happy Birthdays – N.I.S – $39.99 (North America Only)



      1. I recently had my hours cut at work so I’m only working 2 or 3 days a week at the moment, I’m broke but happy and have plenty of game time!

        What was your latest purchase Yvonne? Also, I didn’t get round to commenting on it but your Happy Birthdays review made me really intrigued about the game, I shall try the demo soon!

        Great to see your site growing ☺

        1. Hmm, being broke isn’t great but plenty of gaming time is good!
          My latest purchase was Yonder the Cloud Catcher Chronicles. Love it, but I have yet to put my thoughts on paper. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of Happy Birthdays!

          Thank you, we are doing our best with the site 😀

          1. When I say I’m broke it’s not that bad, I usually buy a couple of physical games each month, spend around £30 on the eShop and put ¥3000 in my Japanese account, then put the rest towards food and bills and all that boring stuff!

            Last night I ordered Fallen Legion Rise To Glory, I didn’t think I would buy Mario Tennis Aces but I had so much fun with the Online Tournament Demo that I’m going to buy that too, I saw Lego City Undercover in my local supermarket cheap yesterday so I’m tempted to get that too, and I also would like the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection!

            And off the eShop I bought Manticore: Galaxy On Fire and Aqua Kitty UDX in the current sale…

            I really need to stop spending now, think I have some kind of compulsive buying problem, oh well, it’s going to be a great gaming weekend ☺

            1. That is indeed a lot of games! You’ll have a great gaming weekend for sure.
              I have found since buying the Switch that I’m buying less games then before. The ones I have are doing a great job in keeping me amused, like BOTW. I guess in a way the Switch means I’m saving money, lol.

  1. Yes that’s very true, I’ll stop buying games when they stop releasing games that I want! After Lost Child I’ll probably stop for a while and try to complete all the great games I have.. So, have you completed BOTW?!?

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