My Time at Portia reaches Kickstarter goal!

Last week I told you how I joined a Kickstarter for the first time. My Time at Portia is an initiative that captured my attention. This game promises to have everything I value in a game all wrapped up in a visually good looking package. Living in a village surrounded by neighbors to interact with and to do quests for, crafting in the workshop, decorating your house, mining, foraging, farming and fighting all rolled into one. Sounds pretty good, and looks good too.

There are only 36 hours left to join the fundraiser, and the good news is that the game reached its goal of $ 100.000 with 3 days left! So now it’s on to the stretch goals, trying to add great stuff into the game.No need any more to reach console versions as stretch goals, as Pathea has reached an agreement that Team 17 to partner up with them. The publishing label that is well known for the Worms and Escapists series, Overcooked and lots of other games, will bring My Time at Portia to PC and consoles worldwide! This keeps on looking better!

You can see them in the image below. At the time I’m writing this, the goal of $ 120.000 has also been reached, adding 10 additional home decors (furniture and art) and livestock. On the the next tier, which would add a museum to the game. Maybe it’s a new job opening for Blathers!

Edit: a day later the museum was reached too! Maybe, just maybe they can reach Ride animals too!
EDIT: My Time at Portia is now out on Nintendo Switch! See my review here.

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