Time to replenish some hearts

In Zelda fashion this blog is titled “Time to Replenish some Hearts” . I still remember writing a blog like this one year ago, when I wrote that it was time to recharge my HP. Since then this site saw 153 articles that were read by 8.250 visitors. Combined with my busy working schedule I’d say that it’s time to charge my own battery again, time to go on a holiday!

I’ve thought a lot about whether or not I’m taking the Switch with me. You see, we have a rather long flight ahead, and what bettter way to spend it then to explore with Link? But in the end, I decided against it. My carry-on bag is full enough as it is, and I’m afraid to leave the device at hotels after we arrive. So Link can stay home, it’ll be something to look forward to after the holidays!

I’m going to bring my 3DS and delve into the backlog I have waiting. Carry on with Ever Oasis, Yokai-Watch 2 or maybe even try to get the feel for Pokémon Moon or Story of Seasons again. Enough to choose from, I’ll just have to make sure I stretch the battery to the limit!

So no Handheld Gaming News for a couple of weeks, maybe just some travel experiences along the way. Unless of course I can’t uphold my self imposed down-time, but I’ll sure try! Thanks for taking the time to read this past year, for all your likes and gaming chats. I hope to see you again in a couple of weeks’ time!


  1. Pokemon Sun/Moon was a nice surprise. At first I wasn’t too sure what to think about it but I liked how they actually gave us a plot for once haha. Story of Seasons? Which one? I am really enjoying their newest iteration and all the love interests are likable.

  2. Have a great time, enjoy yourself. I just got Hey Pikmin and Miitopia, so I will be having a go at them. Rest, relax and take in the sights.

  3. Enjoy your holiday! My husband and I recently had a week long “staycation” and we enjoyed some much needed downtime. 🙂 It’s good to recharge your batteries every so often!

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