Time to recharge my HP

Wouldn’t it be easy to just take a Super Potion, look to my Persona to restore some stamina or drink an elixir to feel less tired? A holiday is good too! I say fortunately, because if there is one thing I love even more then playing video games, it’s going on a holiday! And that holiday will just work fine to recharge my battery.

Work is finished, now all that is left is to pack the suitcases and bring the dog to his holiday hotel. I’m having a hard time deciding which games will come with me, mainly to play games in the plane. I guess I will end up not choosing and I will bring my European and American 3DS along, and the Vita as well. A good thing I have most games downloaded, no need to take additional game cartridges. I do hope our flight will be uneventful (with all the things that are going on in the world you never know).

So I’m afraid you will have to do without my Gaming news with Coffee on Friday for a couple of weeks. With our busy schedule there won’t be any time to stay up to date with all the latest in gaming.
I might publish some blogs about our travel experiences though, and post some pictures here. If you are wondering where we are going, you can see that in this travel collection. 

Take care my friends, and if you are on a holiday right now or are getting ready to go too, have lots of fun and recharge!elixir of life, recharging, replenish HP


  1. Have fun on your holiday! I’m currently on one as well.

    Speaking of events, have you heard about the most recent announcements on Pokemon Sun and Moon? The game looks more awesome every time I see it!

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