To my gaming friend

We found each other some 6 years ago through Animal Crossing and through our responses, we felt an instant connection. Which was strange, as we were so different in our every day lives. But our connection in gaming was strong, we could jabber on and on about games, till the cows came home.


How we enjoyed playing together, from Nintendo games to app games and back. Nothing better than to check on each other’s progress in one of the app games we had going, give each other tips about our DS adventures. Along the way our friendship deepened, and we talked about our daily life. Every single day, for years and years. Apple devices and iMessage helped enormously, our iMessage was never quiet, several chats a day. They weren’t just about games anymore, but about our joys, sadnesses, beliefs and worries.

You hated all the social media and were very private, and would never in a million years have contemplated maintaining a blog. Still, you were my biggest supporter and I know you read each and every single blog I made. You enjoyed our talks about our holidays in your beloved America, even when fate intervened and our intended real-live visit last summer had to be cancelled.

And now, all of that is over. My iMessage will be quiet, my days will never be the same. I hope you are with the Angels now, seeing everyone you had to let go over the years. I just now I will miss you every single day. Every game I pick up, every Kindle book I download, all the amazing smilies you found for us to use, they will all make me remember the memories we made together.

Rest well, my dear friend.



    1. I have two dear friends overseas. One of them I visited three years ago, and the meeting was just wonderful. We were to meet our other friend this year, but due to the heavy flooding at that time, it was cancelled.

  1. A touching piece. Who says that online friends can’t be as good as real life ones. It’s surprising to hear that you met on Animal Crossing. I always thought Nintendo’s friend code system made it hard to interact with strangers.

    1. Well, in groups are still being formed where you can chat online about the game. We had a group going of all adult females that went at the game with a vengeance. Treasure hunts were organized, costume parties…all kind of fun stuff. It kept the game interesting for a couple of years even.thats where we met.

  2. I am terribly sorry for your loss, I hope you can recover in due time. But thanks for sharing this beautiful story to us, makes me think I should give some online communities a chance.

  3. Stupid as it may sound, but I am happy for the both of you.
    You found each other, shared and enjoyed a lot of things together, and thus made each other’s life better.

    That stays. Always.

    Still I am very sorry for your loss, it’s always hard to have to let someone go who’s dear to you.

  4. This is a very touching story. I know just how deep is your loss. Although it was but online friendship it had real meaning to both of you and brought you no pain; only joy. This reminds me of some of the people I have met as a blogger. They are very dear to me; and although we might never met, we are impacting each others lives greatly. The best friendships in the future I guess will be online or what is now commonly called distant relationships.

    1. Very true. Nowadays it doesn’t seem to really matter anywhere if you can drink a real cup of coffee together, or a virtual one. I had shared moments in everyday life, every single day for 6 or 7 years, and we chatted much more then I do with friends I have living close. I guess it really is the way friendships in the future are evolving.

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