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Togges Review

Game: Togges
Genre: Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle
System: Nintendo Switch (Also available on Steam (Windows), PS5, PS4, & Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)
Developer | Publisher: Regular Studio | Thunderful
Age Rating: US E | EU 3+
Price: US $19.99 | UK £16.99 | EU € 19.99
Release Date: December 7th, 2022

Review code used, with many thanks to Plan of Attack.

Stacking blocks seems like a thing of the past, but Togges blends some very familiar experiences and shapes with new creative mechanics that do not disappoint. Coming up with a new way to use blocks in a fun, innovative video game is more complex now. Blocks are usually there to aid the player cross paths, jumping under or over them, or even building anything with them. Now, these blocks called Togges are different, and they bring with them a hilarious fantastical universe to explore.  

Togges is a 3D platformer adventure with complex and ingenious puzzles and vast worlds to explore. It sounds simple enough, but it doesn’t take long for this game to get quirky, funny, and even bizarre (in a good way).

Togges LadiesGamers
Dominate the universe so you can save it.

King of All the Cosmos   

“Beneath all the cosmos, in the depths of the galaxy, there is an endless wall, keeping the known universe from the dangers of the unknown. In the formation of the constellations, the leaders of each domain maintain the balance, and the King must protect all existence. This is the story of Togges.”

In Togges, the player plays “Toomba,” which is basically a Roomba, but instead of vacuuming dust, this manipulator of blocks can produce and erase Togges. Yet the Togges are not ordinary blocks. Instead, they are very sociable creatures; therefore, they will not spawn unless there is another Togge next to them (with particular exceptions).

At the beginning of the game, the player meets the King President, a curious, goofy character that seems a bit lazy; however, he has plans to dominate (and save) the universe. For this, he needs Toomba to help him explore and request aid from other planets. In these places, there is also something called Void, a dark matter spreading across the cosmos, and it is up to Toomba to erase it.

Togges LadiesGamers
Meeting the King President to begin the journey.

Togges and Their Attributes

Once the player has become used to moving around with the basic Togges, different types of blocks are introduced. First, the player spawns red Togges. They can stack vertically up to 5 blocks and are somewhat resistant to fire. Next, the yellow Togges are introduced afterwards. These blocks can stack a bit higher than the red ones and conduct electricity, but they consume more Togges to be spawned.

The blue Togges stack less than the red but can survive underwater. The green ones are huge in size; however, they consume much more of your Togges than the rest. And there are other colours, but it is better to discover them in the game, as each one is presented adequately when needed.

Togges LadiesGamers
Explore the Carrot Cake Kingdom with different types of Togges.

What was Right and What was Much

Togges found a sweet spot in its exploration. Toomba is not only unaffected by the traps or deadly areas in the environment, but it is also fast and easy to move with it all around. The player can explore almost all of the planet with just the vacuuming protagonist before spawning a road of Togges. Nevertheless, they are essential to collect fruits and letters (collectables) or to interact with most of the surroundings.

Exploring felt nice and simple. Whenever an inaccessible area appears, it only motivates the player to discover the secret behind it or move forward. The amount of content in each world is fantastic, with small levels within the big ones.

Togges LadiesGamers
There are challenging side quests that are hard to beat on the first try.


When the player has to move between planets, moving around with the spaceship is enjoyable. There is not much to do but to move around and touch different random objects floating in space, which is still lovely to explore. Sometimes it feels like it is possible to advance, leaving many achievements or collectables behind, but then it is simple to go back and complete whatever is missing.

An aspect that is a little too much is the long and sometimes slow texts and the lack of spice in the plot. By the beginning of the game, the story generates particular curiosity about the universe, the evil behind its impending destruction, and the weird King President. Still, all of that doesn’t get as deep. Very quickly in the game, it becomes a bit tedious to follow all the things that all the NPCs have to say. It is hard sometimes to know what to do since some of them give hints or are simply a shame to ignore what could be a more fantastical and crazy story.

Togges LadiesGamers
Travelling between planets is quite enjoyable! Many random objects are floating around.


Togges is a 3D platformer that distinguishes itself from others innovatively while maintaining many familiar elements of previous titles, for example, games like Super Mario Galaxy or Pikmin. It is enjoyable and occasionally challenging to figure out how to move around on each planet, which is this game’s beauty. It is about uncovering secrets, finding collectables, mastering the different behaviours of the diverse Togges, and exploring the vast depth of the cosmos.

The story has its moments but wasn’t as hooking as expected. However, the colourful textures and vistas make it attractive to the eye, and in terms of music, SFX is quite good (Some funny screams of the Togges take the prize here). Overall it is an entertaining game with a fair amount of content to explore and exciting mechanics to play with.

Final Verdict: I Like it.

I like it

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