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Oh my, but it has been a long time ago that I checked in on my little YvoCaro to see how she was doing! When she severed the relationship with my husbands Mii I decided it was time to cut her lose and to let her live her own life. Apparently she wasn’t taking any of my relationship advice!

Tomodachi Life, Europe, Friendship Fiesta, lady and gamingIt seems that Nintendo Europe is trying to rekindle some of the interest for Tomodachi Life, with a cool campaign. I’m at least going to try to get the special home menu layout, but maybe, just maybe, I’ll check in to see if she’s come to her senses yet!

Anyway, here are the specifics, thanks to

  • Go to a Nintendo Zone to receive a free download code for the Tomodachi Speech Bubble HOME Menu theme for your Nintendo 3DS family system.
  • A dedicated Puzzle Swap panel will be distributed via SpotPass to all owners of a Nintendo 3DS family system.
  • Enjoy international StreetPass relay and meet Mii characters from all over Europe at any Nintendo Zone offering StreetPass relay.
  • Nintendo UK will also be launching a brand new Tomodachi Life Facebook page so be sure to stayed tuned for updates and visit the Tomodachi Life Community on Miiverse for more details and activities.
  • You can get a 30% discount on the regular price of the game if you buy it on Nintendo eShop.
  • As always Nintendo fan communities around the UK will be hosting events during the Tomodachi Life Friendship Fiesta. More details about that here!

I always like it when Nintendo launches a special campaign like this!

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  1. Is there anything like this for North American fans? I actually like Tomodachi Life. I’m kind of bad with my game because I play the mini games a lot (mostly the one with quirky questions).

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