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Tomorrow for Mar Review

Game: Tomorrow for Mar
Genre: Point-and-Click, Adventure, Puzzle
System: PC (Windows, macOS, Linux) on
Developer|Publisher: Heiden
Age Rating: not rated (reviewer’s suggestion: Teen)
Price: US $3.00
Release Date: March 22nd, 2022

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A young magician faces their final university test: to brew a potion of confession. How apt, since they have a crush and are painfully shy!

Tomorrow for Mar is a great example of how tales can be told in so few clicks. It’s a “tiny game,” the videogame version of a short story. No unessential backstory, no cumbersome flashbacks, no monologues. Just a handful of distinctive characters, their amusing dilemmas, and the ensuing puzzles.

LadiesGamers Tomorrow for Mar
There are three majors at St Petrach’s: magic, battle, and chemistry.

Short and Sweet

What a pleasant surprise. Despite feeling suspicious that I might be slapped with worn anime tropes, I had a good time. While a few lines of dialogue were less “hit” and more “miss” for me (innuendo and meta-game jokes about the developer’s budget), I enjoyed Mar’s story and the humorous conversations.

Puzzles were well-designed too. The developer did a great job of providing enough clues without making solutions too obvious.

Gameplay takes place in a few small areas, in which you move Mar with WASD keys, chat with students at St. Petrach’s University, and even cast spells on them. I’d consider this a point-and-click game, though inventory is a simplified system here (no need to drag objects around).

LadiesGamers Tomorrow for Mar
Mar is a painfully shy but capable magician.

While the 2D models may not wow your socks off (they look more like placeholders than polished products), character portraits are beautifully drawn. The music is good too.

Considering the scope of tiny games, I have no real complaints about this cute little story. Though if I had to name areas for improvement, I would suggest two small ones. First, I wish there had been a “skip dialogue” button. Second, because I was able to guess the story’s ending a mile away, I wished the final conversation between Mar and Lamond had been a little shorter. Still, it was a sweet ending.

LadiesGamers Tomorrow for Mar
Mar’s love interest is both dashing and mindful of hygiene. Great qualities in today’s world…


Tomorrow for Mar was a pleasant way to pass half an hour. I’d be up for trying another game from developer Heiden. If you like point-and-click games AND tales of magic schools AND supporting small creators, check it out!

Final Verdict: I Like It

I like it

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