Top 15 Games for Girls of All Ages

Top 15 Games for Girls of All Ages

Some time ago I wrote a blog about whether or not games aimed at girls are real games. (blog here). From the wonderful amount of feedback I got the answer was very clear. Yes, games aimed at girls are real games, Why, a lot of older girls play them too and lots of guys as well. It doesn’t really matter what you want to play, as long as you have a good time playing it!

As some readers find my website specifically searching for “games for girls” I was thinking it might be a good idea to put a top 15 on here of games that might appeal to girls.

And if you are more into gaming on the Nintendo Switch, here’s a list too with games you can buy in store for girls.The Best Switch Games for Girls

Games to keep them gaming, even when they grow up. I guess most parents know about the “Imagine” games, and games like My Little Pony and My Baby Girl, but for this article I’ll stick with games that girls will still like when they grow up. Not to stereotype the choices, but  I know that way back when I was hooked on Animal Crossing, I  spent a lot of time trying to find a game that was similar. Maybe this list will help.

And if you are a mom yourself, and you like some good gaming on your own, you might want to check out some of the games we feature here on After all, we believe that all games, not matter the device you play them on, are good games. As long as you enjoy them!

Animal Crossing – DS and 3DS – 3+

Animal Crossing, new leaf, 3ds, WiiU, ladies gamingIn Animal Crossing Wild World for the DS and New Leaf for the 3DS you live a virtual life, chatting with the villagers, decorating the town and your house, making patterns for your clothes, tending flowers, catching bugs and fish. You have no set goals, you can just live your life as you please. If you have followed my blogs, you will no doubt have read more about the game. As far as I’m concerned, it’s still Nintendo’s finest.

Nintendogs + Cats –  DS and 3DS – any age

Nintendogs, touch, dogs, DSAllergic to dog hair? These games make perfect canine companions without leaving your house to go for a walk on rainy days. You can pet and cuddle your dog, teach him tricks, he knows his name and responds to your voice. And even walking him is fun, you’ll meet interesting dog owners and find little presents. Presents that will in turn make your dog even cuter!

Style Savvy/ Style Boutique –DS and 3DS – any age

style-savvy, style boutique, 3ds games, clothesRunning a boutique where you try to impress your customers by finding them the exact clothes they want. You have to make sure you have enough variety of clothes and accessories in stock, dress the mannequins in your shop window in a pleasing way and try to win some contests as a designer. The game is fun if you’re into fashion, but also if you like management games. And who can resist the enthusiasm of the teenagers buying new clothes?

Tearaway – Vita – any age

tearaway, unfolded, vita, adventureImagine a world made out of paper, where you have to go on an adventure making use of what paper or carton can do. You’ll have to rip it, you have to break it, let it flutter away and make use of every feature the Vita has. It’s a beautiful game and very well thought out too. It will even inspire you to make the patterns you get in the game into real paper craft projects.

Disney Magical World – 3DS – any age

Disney, 3DS, eShop, ladies, fun gaming, relaxing, great game, outfits, alladin, cinderella, alice in wonderlandThe game combines all the cuteness of Disney with some great questing and collecting. You can visit Winnie the Pooh, go to Pirates Island, see Cinderella. And everywhere you find ingredients to make clothing with, or furniture. Sometimes to fulfill a quest you have to battle enemies, sometimes you just have to sow some seeds in the Hundred Acre Woods. No matter how you want to play it, all ways are just fine!

Tomodachi Life – 3DS – any age

Tomodachi, traveller, having fun, mii codeImagine putting a lot of little characters, images of people, into an apartment building and constantly looking in on them, while they lead their own life. That is what this game is about in a nutshell. They appreciate you visiting them, to feed them, or put a new outfit on them. And play mini games with them. But they lead their own life, having friends, having arguments, falling in love. You never know what to expect.

MySims/MySims Kingdom – Wii, DS and 3DS – any age

mysims, kingdom, wandolier, agents, ladiesgamers, games for girlsSome years ago MySims had lots of potential. A more childlike version of the Sims, the game had you building houses, finding materials to construct machines, appliances, furniture. Throughout the game you help the characters you meet in the MySims world with their quests. Finding all the ingredients you need to make for them what they asked for can be a challenge, but fun too. After which you get blueprints to build even more. A lovely relaxing game!

Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times (US) / Enchanted Folk & the school of Wizardry (EU) – DS – any age

Magicians Quest, Enchanted Folk, School of Wizardry, ladiesgamersThis older game from 2009 was sold at the time as an animal crossing clone. And while there are certainly similarities, the game can stand on its own too. Your character is a student at the Wizardry school. They learn magic spells, play pranks on fellow students, and try solving a mystery once a month. You catch fish and bugs, plant flowers and bushes and decorate your room. Meanwhile the goal is to make the town a better town, and to become an ace magician.

Viva Pinata – Xbox, PC and DS – any age

Viva pinata, games for girls, ladiesgamersYou manage a plot of land in a way that you can attract all kinds of Pinata and try and complete your collection. To do this, you have to grow various kinds of crops and flowers, and build little houses for the Pinata to feel at home. It’s a colorful management game, not too difficult to play. I can imagine though, that some smaller children may not like seeing their pinata eaten by higher evolved pinata, that you want to have in your garden.

The Sims – PC, iOS, 3DS and DS – 12+

The sims, Sims, PC, ladiesgamersThe Sims appeal to children who are a bit older, and I’m told the PC games are the best of the series. Multiple expansion packs make sure the gameplay never gets old, and I know my daughter enjoys the series very much. You create your sims and control them, making sure they spend their time in the best way. You get them get nourished, make sure they take care of themselves, earn money and work on relationships. This doesn’t mean that the player decides everything: Sims have a will of their own too! The building part of the game is fun too, making the most beautiful mansions for your Sims.

Harvest Moon – Vita, DS and 3DS – any age

Harvest Moon, Grand Bazaar, games for girls, ladiesgamersThere are many Harvest Moon titles, all of them revolving around managing a farm from scratch. Sowing crops, milking and brushing cows, tending your chickens to get eggs. Foraging in nature to earn money. Some of the titles have a specific goal, of for instance earning enough money to save the town. Others just have the goal of unlocking all that can be unlocked in the game, like new area’s or all sorts of crops. One title deserves a special mention: Grand Bazaar. In this game you tend your farm too, and you get to make all sorts of dishes and products with your crops. Once a week you can sell them at the bazaar, maximizing your profit of course. At time frantic, but always fun.

Chibi Robo Park Patrol – DS – any age

Chibi robo, park patrol, simulation, ladiesgamersIf you ask me, Chibi Robo is a vastly underrated video game hero. This title is one of the few that were released in the West, available at the time at Walmart. Chibi is in charge of revitalizing the garden by battling smog and sowing flowers. He meets some very special characters and helps them making their dreams come true. A beautiful and quirky game and a lovable little hero. A must try if you can get your hands on the game somewhere.

Pokémon – DS and 3DS – any age

Pokemon, screen, ladiesgamers, ORASPokémon and the phrase “gotta catch ‘m all” is well known. What is less known is that the game isn’t all about fighting with your Pokémon. Most games have numerous side quests, you can concentrate on having the cutest Pokémon in your team and there are always other activities in the various titles too. Like spelunking for gems, or making poffins, a treat for your Pokémon. Of course, you have to level up by battling trainers you meet on your journey, but there’s certainly more to it than that.

Minecraft – iOS/Android, Vita and PC – any age

Minecraft, creative, girls game, ladiesgamersMost people know Minecraft, but what many don’t know is that in creative mode you have all sort of building blocks at your disposal, no need to gather everything over the course of many play hours. The blocks aren’t all grey and green, but have all kinds of colors. This means you can build as big and beautiful as your own imagination allows.  When you search online, you will see the most fantastical creations!

Cooking Mama – iOS, DS and 3DS – 3+

Cooking_Mama_Tomato, cooking mama, gardening mama, ladiesgamersAside from the cooking games, mama is known for her gardening nowadays too. Using the stylus you have to perform various kitchen tasks, including chopping vegetables, slicing meat, flipping food in pans, and arranging the final items on the plate. You’ll play mini-games to do the different things needed to prepare the meal, quickly drawing parallel lines in order to chop items, or playing a rhythm game where ingredients are added to a skillet or the heat is adjusted at precisely the right time.


  1. Hm I really like this! I will say that I find it werid that games for girls are categorized lol cuz in Gamestop they had a shelf that said GAMES FOR GIRLS and it was all pink…so some guy put a Metal Gear game in it and a girl ran up and said YES THIS IS IT! lol.
    Though I have to agree with what you posted. Girls who don’t game, or parents who have daughters, might be unsure what to choose. Soon they’ll branch out but it’s best not to scare away some of them haha. Harvest Moon is great as is the Story of Seasons! Animal Crossing reminds me of the tamagotchis everyone had 🙂 Haven’t played Style Savvy.

    I think Kingdom Hearts would also be a good game:)

    1. I agree, girls games shouldn’t need to be in the pink section, and girls should be able to play any kind of game they wish. But one can’t deny that girls tend to be attracted by a certain genre, and I remember searching high and low for good games that might interest my daughter when she got her first DS. So this article is to help parents along!

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