Top 3 Handheld Games of 2018 *Special Guest Edition*

Top 3 handheld games of 2018: Jason’s choice

As every year, hosts the Poll Handheld Game of the Year again. This time combining the lists for 3DS, Vita, Mobile and the Switch all in one. If you haven’t voted yet, the poll is here:
This year I have also asked readers to give me their thoughts about their own top three. It’s always fun to see what other people play in their spare time, and why they chose that game as their personal favorites. Jason (Twitter: @Jason_Malpal2 ) shared his top three. Thanks, Jason!

Fortnite (Nintendo Switch)

When a couple of friends told me they were downloading Fortnite and that I should too, I honestly thought I would be deleting it just as fast as I downloaded it. Somewhat begrudgingly I downloaded it, waited through server issues and played a few games. “This isn’t so bad”, I thought to myself. Now after over 900 hours I find it to be my game of the year! Fortnite offers addictive gameplay that can be enjoyed with friends in co-op or against 99 other players on your own. It’s a simple formula, but one that rarely gets old thanks to freedom of play and frequent updates and curation from developer Epic Games. If you haven’t given it a try, it’s a free download and easy to pick up and play and the best part is, it won’t cost you a cent!

Warframe (Nintendo Switch)

Warframe is another new to the Switch free-to-play title. I came into this game not knowing what to expect and admittedly for a good while I was unsure of what I was even doing, outside of following some basic objectives given in game. The first thing you notice when loading up and starting your first mission is how sleek the game looks on Switch. The art style, fast paced music and action centric gameplay quickly draws you in and is quite a rush!

With a little effort and time you soon get into deeper missions, deeper customization and deeper gameplay. Though the area that I think perhaps shines the brightest is the multiplayer. In the same fashion as the rest of the game, friend and social interactions are easy to start but offer depth with a little exploration. Warframe also offers open matchmaking where you are paired with other Switch players attempting the same mission you are. After the match you can stay together or disband and continue on your own. Though it’s only been available for a few weeks, I’m finding it to be a great game to stop in for a few minutes or a few hours at the end of day.

Alphabear 2 (iOS)

As a gamer who often finds himself on the go I like to keep a game loaded on my phone that I can play in a waiting room or just to chill with before bed, and lately Alphabear 2 has been that game. I played the original in past years, but found the play a bit simple and repetitive after a while. When I found out there was a sequel I decided to load it up and at least give it a try. Immediately you are treated to the cute bear world that is Alphabear, but this time with lots more personality!

You find your bear self on a mission to repair time after a small mishap with a refrigerator time machine, all you wanted was a snack! Team up with the owner of the time machine, the Back to the Future inspired Doc bear, who leads you on your journey to fix what you put amiss. You will soon meet many bear companions, all with their own blocky Alphabear charm and personality, as you travel through time playing variations of the same word puzzle. While the basis is the same, the variety of play choices and extras, like daily missions and special events, make this feel like a much more polished experience and more fun to play all around!

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