Top 3 Handheld Games of 2018 *Special Guest Edition*

Top 3 handheld games of 2018: Serena’s choice

As every year, hosts the Poll Handheld Game of the Year again. This time combining the lists for 3DS, Vita, Mobile and the Switch all in one. Don’t forget to vote! The poll is here:
This year I have also asked readers to give me their thoughts about their own top three. It’s always fun to see what other people play in their spare time, and why they chose that game as their personal favorites. Serena, one of the ladies from the Ladies & Gaming Facebook group that I’ve known on the internet for year, shared her top three. Thanks, Serena!

3. Pixel Art – Colour by Numbers

My picks for 2018 actually are fairly recent releases! I’ll start out with the one that has definitely stolen most of my time, the mobile game Pixel Art. Its a color by numbers app, filled with pixelized pictures ranging in skill level from super easy to fairly complex. Its been great for de-stressing and letting the worries of the moment fall to the wayside. My 3 year old also enjoys tackling the easier pictures and I love that it also helps her learn her numbers and colors.

2. Katamari Damacy Reroll

My 2nd pick just came out this month. Its a re-release of one of my favorite games, but new to the Nintendo Switch. Its called Katamari Damacy Reroll and I have been thoroughly enjoying it. I love growing my katamari from a tiny ball, no bigger than a thimble, to so larger you are rolling over and gathering people, buildings, whales, and even clouds! I also love how silly it is, sprinkling in a perfect amount of Japanese humor and absurdity.

1. Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee

My final pick for 2018 is Pokemon: Let’s go Eevee. The nostalgia is real with this one and I can’t get over how absolutely adorable my little Eevee is. One of the features I really enjoy about this game is being able to see wild pokemon. This makes it easier to avoid them if you’re on a mission to get a task done, or alternatively, makes them easy to spot when you are grinding to increase your level. I also love the new catching style for the wild pokemon. The mechanics are exactly the same as the mobile game, Pokemon GO. It also feels a bit more realistic and involves more skill than past iterations of the Pokemon games.

Lastly, I love that I can bring Pokemon that I’ve caught in Pokemon GO into the game. It reignited the spark to go around my real life town Pokemon hunting, looking for the types I need to help me progress in Let’s Go, Eevee. Need a water-type? Go to the nearest body of water in your local area and catch one! So cool!

Honourable mention Little Dragons Café

I’d like to include Little Dragons Cafe as an honorable mention. I loved the gathering/ cooking aspect of the game and the setting itself. The story was also great and watching my dragon grow and change colors depending on his diet was neat as well. I just didn’t feel like it progressed quite quickly enough and tasks got repetitive after a while, but overall a great game! (Want to know more about the game? The review is here)

Thank you for letting me share my 2018 game picks. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. #AnimalCrossing2019

Little dragon's cafe Dragon nest


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