Top 5 things you didn’t know about Animal Crossing New Horizons

After hitting the usual Animal Crossing wall about a month ago, I decided to restart my island from scratch. This time taking my time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the wonderfully relaxed world. In doing so I have come across things I never noticed before! Read on for my Top 5 things you never knew about ACNH – fresh start edition.

1. The TV Schedule

Let’s face it, most of us play Animal Crossing to escape the real world. But if you ever fancy a little bit of reality alongside chatting to your animal friends, look no further that your humble TV set. Usually available through Nooks Cranny any TV set can be used to access a massive array of shows. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The TV sets in ACNH will show scheduled broadcasts, from the 7am news to the 8pm quiz show. Each day follows a different schedule. The detail here is impressive. And if you find yourself awake in the early hours of a Saturday… you might be in for an otherworldly surprise!

2. Album collector

Those KK slider tracks aren’t just good for adding to your vinyl player collection. You can display them on your walls as well. Some of the covers make for great pieces of art and suit kitchens, bathrooms or living areas! Also remember that once you add a track to your collection it will also begin playing on the radio. Keeping these scattered around your island gives you the sounds of a KK concert each day of the week!

Our very own Rock Star is here!

3. Move the mailbox

Many players don’t realise that the mailbox is like any other item in the game and can be moved wherever you would prefer to collect your mail. Simply press Y and get creative on where you want to plonk that mailbox.

4. Bed head

Haven’t played in 30 days? Come back to your island and not only will you find bugs running around your house, but your hair will be a dishevelled mess. That said, this then adds the style to your hair options so you might decide to keep it looking scruffy forever!

Still looking good!

5. Check the clouds

As mentioned, TVs broadcast an array of shows. But one can be particularly useful. Checking the broadcasts at 6:30pm and 10:45pm allows you to see the weather for the coming day! Speaking of clouds, next time you visit a friends island be sure to check out the contrails in the sky. Just one of the many little details Nintendo includes in this fantastic game.

Keep checking back often as I uncover more Animal Crossing secrets on my fresh start play through.


  1. Great article – I LOVE the KK Slider tracks in my jukebox at home – what a great part of the game!

    Question – I’ve been playing since launch, fairly consistently, and have yet to see a TV at Nooks, or as a DIY project. How did you get yours?

    1. Hi debrief. Thank you for the comment!

      Regarding the TV I’m not quite sure why you haven’t had one appear yet. It could well simply be down to luck by the sounds of it. Another thing I have noticed is if you interact with an item in a villagers home the item seems to make an appearance more frequently in the shop. At least it seemed to be the case for me!

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