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Trading Time A Croak Tale Prologue Demo Impressions

Trading Time A Croak Tale, is a sandbox adventure game, the game was featured in the Wholesome Snack on 13th November. You can find our article on the Wholesome Snack here.

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Lend a hand to an Axoloti

Prologue Demo

Trading Time A Croak Tale has a prologue demo on Steam. It’s a short demo, more of a taster to see what the game is about. Nevertheless, I gave the demo a play and enjoyed the 20 minutes or so it lasted.

In the demo, you help an old Axoloti bring life back to a dying island. It is a small self-contained mini-adventure and prelude to the full Trading Time game.

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Who turned the rain on?

A Game Without Text

There isn’t any help in the game or text or even spoken word. There isn’t even a story other than the visual one you see of a ruined island. The Axoloti and your character don’t utter a word other than the odd grunt.

Trading Time A Croak Tale is a game where you must figure out what to do from tiny picture speech bubbles above the characters heads. Once you work out what you have to do from those, it’s mainly fetching a few items from the surroundings and taking them to the Axoloti to help heal the island he is on.

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Platform time

Use Items in the Environment

There is a little bit of platforming in the game, and to reach higher places, you’ll need some help, as some of the gaps between the platforms are too wide for your character to jump across unaided. I found a leaf in the surroundings and used it to float between the wider gaps. Run faster, jump higher, fall slower, anything is possible if you’re holding the right item.

In helping the Axoloti, you’ll plant a few flowers and fetch various items across the island and back to the Axoloti. Once you have done all you can to help him, he waves you off in your boat back to the open sea.

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Standing on pressure pads.

Full Game Plans

Developers Half Past Yellow have big plans for the full game. First, you’ll wash ashore after a dreadful storm had damaged your ship and find your boat in pieces, shipwrecked on a strange island filled with frogs. Next, you’ll get to know the friendly, froggy locals and help out where you can. Then you’ll discover new items by fishing and farming and concoct simple brews that will change how you traverse the island. So learn from the frogs and put your new skills to the test around the island to help out.

Throughout a network of trades, you’ll gather enough materials together to repair your boat. You’ll solve head-scratching puzzles, find hidden treasures, and much more as you explore the world of Trading Time: A Croak Tale. 

Trading Time LadiesGamers
A happy Axoloti

Coming Soon

Trading Time: A Croak Tale doesn’t have a firm release date as yet other than coming soon. In the meantime, you can try out the demo of the prologue on the games Steam page here. 

You can wishlist the game on the games Steam page here. I enjoyed the demo a lot and I’m looking forward to the release of the game and what surprises it has in store.

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