Train Valley World Demo Impressions

A Demo code was used with many thanks to Stride PR.

Train Valley World, a simulation game, is from developer Flazm and publisher tinyBuild and is another game in the Train Valley series of games. We have previously reviewed Train Valley Console Edition and Train Valley 2: Community Edition by the same developer as Train Valley World, and both games scored well.

I was keen to try out this demo for Train Valley World; the demo is available for everyone to play during the Steam Next Fest from February 5th to February 12th. Let’s hop aboard.

All Aboard Train Valley World

Train Valley World transport goods to the station
Transport goods to the station

Train Valley World is a transport simulation game about building and managing efficient railway networks. You are also tasked with delivering set amounts of different resources to city stations using the train.

The demo is short and simple. You can play through the one level of a tutorial, which gives you a vague outline of what to do.

When I first loaded up the demo, I played it up until the tutorial asked me to buy a train. However, I could not see the “buy a train” menu button as it was hidden by the screen resolution size, which is pre-set by the demo, and the Windows toolbar hid the “buy a train” button.

Furthermore, since this is a demo, there are yet to be any settings in the game that I could change the screen size. After fiddling with my laptop’s screen size, I was finally able to see the buy a train button. So be prepared to change the screen size when you load up the demo; otherwise, you won’t get too far into it.

A Short Demo with a Tutorial

Victory, everything delivered safely
Victory, everything delivered safely

After the tutorial, there is another level to play. This level is much larger, and according to the missions on the side of the screen, you are tasked with delivering 110 nuggets of steel ingots and completing two city requests. The game doesn’t mention what you are meant to do in the level; there isn’t a tutorial, and you are just left to work it out yourself.

However, it is simple enough with your budget of 75,000 to build stations to the farms to deliver wheat to the cows; by clicking and dragging, you can add the tracks.

Once the tracks and stations are added, it’s time to buy a train and set the train in motion to the station to collect the resources. Then, more stations and tracks are built to transport steel and copper from the mines to make ingots.

Buy Development Rights

Buy development rights to expand
Buy development rights to expand.

To expand your train empire, you have to buy development rights from the city you want to transport goods to on the map. This is another point the demo omits to mention to the player. Some development rights are already purchased, but for the other cities on the map, you must buy the rights. It took me a few moments to work out why I couldn’t extend my rail network as I didn’t have the rights to that city, so help from the demo would have been nice to have.

While I enjoyed Train Valley World, it’s hard to give much more of an opinion as the demo is short. I liked the graphics and the look of the game, as well as the music.

Full Game Release

Full game release planned for 2024
The full game release is planned for 2024, image courtesy of Stride PR.

The full game is due for release sometime this year. Train Valley World will have you travelling all over the globe in the early 1900s and visiting both New and Old World countries, the United States, England, Greece and Egypt.

You’ll help Captain Nemo build his famous submarine, bring in the materials needed to blow up obstacles to redirect flooding or to set up antibiotics production to fight a pandemic. Or help the townsfolk distract the Loch Ness Monster. Also, an editor is planned for the full release, where you can design your own levels and share them with other players. I hope the tutorial is much better in the game’s full release, so it entices casual gamers to try the game out.

If you are interested in trying the demo for Train Valley World for yourself, you can find it here, and if you like it, don’t forget to add the game to your Wishlist.

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