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Remember our upcoming journey through the US this summer? It’s been two weeks since I asked you all for tips about Memphis, and it’s time to continue our journey. One of my gaming friends already guessed our next destination, next we will be driving to Nashville. Trading the city of rock’n roll for the birthplace of country. Now, when I was younger country music was Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, and that was about it. I knew the lyrics to Jolene, but other then that, I was more into the BeeGees and soul music. But on one of our road trips though the US we bought a “Best off..”  CD by John Denver. That was a big thing, because growing up John Denver music was not cool music to listen to (and maybe it still isn’t…) And there we were, 20 years later: we popped the CD in our rental cars’ radio and really listened to John’s music. It seemed so fitting, driving through Yellowstone, in awe of the beautiful scenery and breathtaking vistas, listening to Matthew and Sunshine on my Shoulders. John has been with us on every road trip since.

Now I know John Denver wasn’t what Nashville has in mind when they think “country music”. Apparently the music was labeled as leaning too much toward pop music, but I don’t care. For me it’s this music that made me listen to other country music, like songs by Tim McGraw and Luke Bryan. You can guess one of our must visits while in Nashville, right: the Grand Ol Oprey!

My question to you is: what other tips can you give me? What restaurants or bars should we visit? Nice little quaint shops to see? So once again, all insiders tips are much appreciated!



  1. I have never had the pleasure of visiting Nashville, however, there is a lot to do there from what I have heard and read. Will you be visiting Gatlinburg?

  2. Are you averse to meeting fellow members from Ladies and gaming on your trip? It seems you’ll be all over my neck of the woods as I’m about two hours from both St. Louis and Nashville

    1. Hey Christine! No, not averse at all, but you’d have to come to terms with not just meeting me but the entire family, as we always travel in a pack, lol. It might be a challenge though to meet up, because we only have one day in St.Louis and two in Nashville and I wouldn’t want to drag you out there for just a quick cup of coffee!

      1. I don’t mind meeting your family! I’ll need to know when you are coming, and which way you are traveling so I can make sure it’s convenient for us both. Can you use my email to send me those details? I think that might be the most secure way for you to get me that information. 🙂

      1. Maurice was a shock, he was relatively young. And Robin was a shock, but in a different vein. Not to mention Andy going before all of them. It’s ironic: and Andy Gibb song just came on my computer.

        The Gibb’s were/ are a heck of a talented lot.

        1. I used to have a huge crush on Andy, still have his album. I remember the brothers incorporating his song in one of their concerts and Andy on screen. Goosebumps!

          1. Indeed. I think I have one of Andy’s albums as well. The actual vinyl, I mean. I still have my Bee Gees records. No one wrote music like they did.

            Several years back, I asked my hairstylist for the Barry Gibb circa the late ’60s (I had a picture with me). She said it was the first and only time that’s ever been requested. And it turned out great. 🙂

            1. Lol, I still remember curling my hair every morning before school to get the wavy locks. You must have looked great!
              By the way, I downloaded “Don’t throw it all away” by Andy this morning in iTunes!

              1. Yessssssss! More Gibb enjoyment!

                I can’t imagine curling my hair every morning. Did you really? My dad made me keep my hair to my knees up until I was 13 and just had it cut off to my waist (and he still had a crap attack). So all I did was let my mom braid it so I wouldn’t get it caught on everything. I bet YOU looked great!

                Today I am listening to a lot of The Carpenters, specifically “Yesterday Once More.”

              2. Really, I curled it everyday. Woke up, plugged in my curling iron and while reading a book, I curled my bangs and the hair framing my face while reading. My mom still mentions this from time to time, lol. I don’t know if I looked great though, if you look back at those pictures we all had big hair!
                My, until your knees?? I can’t even imagine having my hair so long! And I right in that you have it very short now?

              3. Oh my goodness. Think of how many hours of your life you spent curling your hair! If my hair had been a manageable length, I’m sure I would have spent more time on it.

                And yes, I have (and love) short hair. I spray stuff in it while it is still wet and let it air dry. Easy peasy. 🙂

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