Travel plans US: tips for Savannah

Almost at the last stop over in our road trip this Summer is North America. Leaving Gatlinburg and the Great Smokey Mountains behind we will travel to the coast. Savannah in Georgia will be the next destination. I look forward to visiting this historic colonial city, I expect big trees covered in Spanish moss, colourful flowers and seeing the port where large cargo ships come up and down the river. Somehow I have visions of riverboat cruises and lots of history.

Savannah, spanish moss, colonial city

Am I wrong in expecting exactly what’s on the picture above? I’ve read that, like San Antonio that we visited last year, Savannah has a River Walk. Exiting to compare the two! Of course, we check out Trip Advisor and search the web for things to visit, but if by any chance you know Savannah having visited there yourself, you might be able to add that special well kept secret! Have you got any insiders tips for me for this city?


  1. Make SURE to see Mercer House and read about the history of it.

    Have you seen the novel/movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” which takes place in Savanna? Make sure to sit on the “Forest Gump” bus bench as well : )

    There is also a tour of the main graveyard which takes place late at night if you would be game for that.

    1. I did read a lot about haunted mansions and such, I guess Savannah is known for that? No I hadn’t seen the movie yet, good tips! Thanks!

  2. Savanna is beautiful and yes, parts of it look like the picture. River Street and the Historic District are charming. The tours are interesting and educational, as well. I would love to meet you since you will be so close to where we live – whether it be Gatlinburg or Savannah. Oh yes, I agree with Denny – be sure to sit on the “Forest Gump” bus bench.

    1. Thanks, again, good tips!
      I conferred with my fellow travelers last time one of my readers had the same suggestion, because we always travel in a pack, and will be at each destination for two days. And although meeting up would be lovely, we decided that the time spent in a town is just too short for it. But thanks for offering, that does mean a lot to me!

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