Travel Plans US: tips for St. Louis

As I mentioned a week ago, we are having fun planning for our next road trip through the USA. A year ago we made a trip from Dallas to Denver, seeing many of the natural wonders like the Grand Canyon and Moab along the way. This year our starting point will be Chicago, the windy city. Thanks for your import everyone, on here and on Facebook!

Time to ask the same question for the second place we will visit: from there, we will drive to Saint Louis (Missouri). Which brings me to my weekly question: do you know Saint Louis, or have you visited the city? And do you have any insider tips for this Dutch lady, trying to see as much of America as she can?

The city of Saint Louis should be interesting enough, but we’ve already seen that the route that takes us there goes through Springfield (Illinois). My first thought was about the Simpsons! Pretty soon though we happened upon the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, which should make a very nice stop over. Because of course Lincoln wasn’t just the 16th president, but also a family father, a neighbour and a friend.

So, any tips on either St. Louis and Springfield are much appreciated again!

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  1. St. Louis is a great city. A must see is the Gateway Arch. Also, the St. Louis Cathedral and the Anheuser-Busch factory tour is interesting. I would use TripAdvisor for reviews, Another city to be aware of your surroundings. Have a great trip.

    1. Ah, Anheuser Busch, a factory tour! We always love those kind of tours, went to a factory tour in the past at Ben & Jerries, and last year we saw the Hammond factory where the make the candy!

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