Travel plans US: visiting old friends in Orlando

Time for our last stop in our road trip that we are going to take this Summer: after we leave Savannah, we will visit Orlando Florida. This time I won’t be asking you for tips; we have visited this area so often already that I think we’ve see most of what there is to see. And for the few days that we are there this time, I think we will have enough to do at the Happiest Place on Earth. You see, everyone in my family loves visiting Disney World. When our daughter was little we could at least say we sailed through It’s a Small World to please her, but I’m afraid we have to come clean: we still adore the feel of the parks, love to stroll along Main Street and ride the Pirates of the Caribbean for the umpteenth time. So ending our journey in Orlando will be a bit like returning home.Disney, Market Place, downtown disney

Ever since the addition of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to Universal Florida those parks are a must for us too. As you can imagine the crowds are usually horrific, but still, we have to brave them as fans of the Harry Potter books. Visiting Diagon Alley, looking at the dragon spewing fire from the turret above Gringots Bank and riding the train from Platform 9 3/4 is great!Wizarding World, Universal Orlando, Hedwig, Platform 9 3/4

I expect that going to Universal in the future might be even more of a must if Nintendo Land makes it West too. Universal in Japan is getting it’s own Nintendo Land, they hope the attractions will be complete in 2020 when the Olympic games will be held in Japan.  The official statement is that Nintendo Land will feature “spectacular, dedicated experiences based on Nintendo’s wildly popular games, characters and worlds.”  The area designated will be roughly the same size as the Wizarding World in Universal Japan. What got my attention though is that Comcast Corp, the parent company of Universal Orlando, reportedly acquired 475 acres of land for $130 million in February. The land acquired is adjacent to the existing park, but nothing is said yet about the plans for that part. They claim it’s just a strategic acquisition, but don’t you agree that it makes real sense?

Anyway, that won’t be for this upcoming trip, but I expect we will have lots of fun nonetheless!   IMG_2850


      1. ahahahahahah… Not all, but quite a bit I would say! =)

        Working over there was a wonderful experience. Now I am trying to help some of my students who have just turned 18 achieve the same thing.

        1. How cool! I never forgot how we talked about this some time ago. My daughter is studying at a graphic design school, and has been looking to see if she could go there for an internship.

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