Two 3DS XL, are you kidding?

I realize I’m lucky, let me state that first. I’m a working mom, have had my own career since I left school. And while that makes for a busy life, it always allows for luxuries I won’t have had otherwise. So if someone’s reading this and thinks: ” well, that’s easy enough for you to say when money isn’t tight!”, I understand that too. Just skip these ramblings of mine..

With that being said, I wanted to tell you about the decision I made two years ago, when I decided that aside from my red European 3DS XL, I needed another one, an American XL. In a way Nintendo caused this, as with the 3DS they region locked their games. And although things are much improving now, there are still games that aren’t released in Europe, or much, much later. As it happens I have several good friends in the US who of course where enthusiastically talking about games that I couldn’t play. Really good games, games that I loved in the past. And when Harvest Moon, a New Beginning, was released in the US and not in Europe, a plan started to form. I decided to spend my birthday money and asked my very good friend overseas if she would mind sending me an American XL. We had some fun debating it and shopping online, and sure enough, a week later I had the much coveted device and the game in my hands.

Checked and double checked if the device could be powered by a Dutch plug (our voltage here is different), no problem there. I set up an account at the American eShop, and I was good to go! Never had any regrets since. Not only is it allowing me to play games that I wouldn’t have otherwise, but on top of that, the currency rate for a dollar is very good for us, so I’m actually saving some money. I had to give them an American address in the eShop, and as my friend didn’t mind, my American Mii now hails from Oklahoma. I’m part Okie, and I love it!


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