Two upcoming RPG: Stella Glow and Legend of Legacy

Two new upcoming RPG are coming to the US soon that haven’t gotten much attention yet. Both look to be good gameplay, so it’s time to give them some attention here.

The first one to arrive is The Legend of Legacy, to be released in the US October 13th. Legend of Legacy, RPG, bravely default, ladiesgamersDeveloped by FuRyu, it’s a turnbased RPG with graphics that remind of Bravely Default. You explore different themed dungeons, like desert, forest, swamps and more, where monsters roam that will attack you on sight. You will unlock the dungeons buying maps at a store, once you are able to finish one, you can sell them back to the store and buy a new one. This game doesn’t follow the normal lines of healing items and making sure your characters are staying healed: so in battles one of your team can faint, but they will still be attacked by the monsters, reducing their max HP even further. Then, after every battle, all team members’ HP is back to the max, just like that. Seems a bit strange to me, to make the battle system this way.

imageLeveling up is different too: it depends on where your character is standing which stats can be leveled up. Only if you are in the attack zone, your attack stats can rise. And if you are in second row, the support zone, you level up support stats, like speed. And in the guard zone you can up your defenses. This should add some clever thinking into the game! Like in almost all RPG you have Magical points too, which can be used if you equip Element Stones. There are two kinds of stones, singing stones that give you powers according to the elements like water and fire. And spell stones, which you need to learn and use certain spells. What seems to be annoying is that you need 2 moves to be able to cast a spell, and monsters don’t seem to have that handicap!

The second one that will be released is Stella Glow, expected in the US November 17th and in Europe in the Spring of 2016.

Stella Glow, witches, Hilda, Song magicThe game was developed by Imageepoch before it went bankrupt, and it’s last steps where guided by Sega. Stella Glow is your typical JRPG, it’s the story of a world where God took away the power of song from rebellious humans and now the only one who can sing are five chose girls, the Witches. One of them,  the Witch of Time, Hilda, is wrecking havoc assaulting innocent towns. And only our protagonist (who has amnesia, go figure) can stop her. He has a special power called Conductor, and if he manages to get the other four witches to sing together, he can undo all the damage. He can enter their minds to help them resolve their worries and fears, to ” tune”  them. Made me think of Ar NoSurge!

Stella Glow, Alto, Risette, Popo, Sakuya, MoldimoltHere, the battles take place on a grid, with all the usual turn based elements. Trying to make the most of your characters attacks, like normal and magical attacks, looking where to best position them on the grid, added to that are the song magic attacks. The story in this game is a sweet one, and the characters are well formed. Good graphics, nice music in the song magic.

Looking at the two I haven’t decided yet..I don’t think though I will go for Legends of Legacy. I’ve yet to play Bravely Default to the end, and somehow I’m reminded too much of that. But Stella Glow does sound interesting. What do you think?

  1. I will definitely get both of them! I was planning to import them at first, but there are already so many games slated for release in the next months that I finally decided to wait for their european release, lest my wallet collapse under the strain! 😀

    1. I know all about the wallet and the strain. That’s the reason that I feel I have to chose. For now, Happy Home Designer, Yokai Watch, Chibi Robo and Style Boutique are must buys for me. And then these two..

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