Tying up loose ends

It occurred to me just the other day that I’ve made some blog posts in the past few months, that need some follow up. Just to tie up some loose ends!

FantasyLife, YvoCaro, Castele, Jobs, Review, RPG, Level5, 3DS, SimulationFirst of all, I told you the results of the 3DS game of the year on December 28th. (see it here) Super Smash Bros was on first place with 24% of the votes, Fantasy Life came in second with 20%. Well, it would seem that some stragglers took up the vote too, making it a tie for Super Smash Bros and Fantasy Life, both now have 21%! But as the results had already been published I’ll have to be fair and say that Super Smash Bros keeps its golden trophy. I couldn’t resist mentioning it though, as Fantasy Life was my personal favorite!

I had high hopes for the app Chat-a-lot that was downloadable in the American eShop, that it might just be what my 3DS friends and myself needed to replace Swapnote. I downloaded it, and gave it a try with a friend. It’s not user friendly, I had to tinker around quite a bit before I found out how it worked. And then I just couldn’t manage to really have a conversation in it. So I’m sorry, but I really can’t recommend it…

I had the chance to download the special demo for Monster Hunter 4, and as a couple of friends who love Animal Crossing like I do really like Monster Hunter, I thought it my destination to at least give it a try. (Blog here) I did, I really did…but the game just isn’t for me. I didn’t like hacking away at the animal one bit, and all the blood spurting didn’t help either. So no, I realize a lot of people will enjoy the game immensely, but it’s not for me.

Well, that’s it for now, don’t hesitate to comment if you think I’ve missed something and still owe you some answers. Meanwhile I’ll be happily playing away at several games on my 3DS’s and my Vita!

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