Unequal distribution of the exercising gene

Everyone that knows me in real life already knows I’m not into sports. I don’t like watching it on television, and I don’t like doing any form of sports myself. There, I’ve said it.
I wish it was different, and I have tried in the past. Attended a dance group, joined a gym class and even tried running three times a week. Well, running….more walking and running, because I couldn’t do much more then that. Short of breath, heart racing, beet red in the face..after 2 minutes of running. I kept with it for three months, and then a sore knee stopped me in my tracks. I bet the knee felt it was time to put an end to all that unexpected activity.

My brother is the opposite of me. He loves sports, lives for it. He feels happiest when he can run, ride his bike through the woods and over mountains. It’s always been this way, he is very active, me not so much. How can it be that the exercise gene distribution can be so unbalanced!

Aunty Acid, exercising, don't like sports, playing video gamesWith Wii Fit being released by Nintendo a couple of years ago, I decided to give it another go. Bought the Wii Balance Board, to try yoga, ski jumping, balance games. But it wasn’t to be. I didn’t stick with it, and so my Mii waddled into the Mii Plaza every time I opened the menu, just a little bit overweight.

A couple of months I could try again, with WiiUFit. I only had to buy a Fit Meter that I could clip to my belt and start keeping track of how much walking I did in real life. That part was easy, but again, I didn’t keep up with WiiUFit. So, my Mii was by now even a bit more overweight and still waddling.

I wish I could have put a success story up here, but I’m afraid it’s not to be. Exercising for fun just isn’t me, even if the WiiU Fit is an awesome “game” and offers it’s players so much good fun. So, I guess I’ll just sit quietly and go and read a book. Or better still, play my games!

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