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Unlock The Cat Review

Game: Unlock The Cat
Genre: Puzzle, Strategy, Board Game, Other
System: Nintendo Switch (Also on Steam(Windows))
Developers | Publishers: Minicactus Games | QUByte Interactive
Age Rating: US E | EU 3+
Price: US $3.99 | UK £3.59 | EU € 3,99
Release Date: January 13th, 2022

Review code used, with many thanks to Minicactus Games.

Unlock The Cat is a puzzle board game about helping a cute kitten escape various gates. 

Unlock The Cat LadiesGamers
Aww, what a cute menu!

Unlock The Cat

This game is exactly what it says on the tin. The player takes control of Kitty, a lackadaisical kitten who needs to overcome stones in the way of it getting out. However, Kitty doesn’t want to jump or change direction, so it’s up to the player to strategically move stones out of the way to unblock Kitty’s path. 

This game is otherwise storyless. There are over two dozen levels to play through, each more complicated through the last. The scenery changes depending on which set of puzzles the player is on. 

Unlock The Cat LadiesGamers
The colors and art are easy on the eyes.


The gameplay is pretty simple in this game. The player can move through a variety of stones and Kitty to manipulate all of them into clearing the way to the gate exist. It honestly makes me think of those sliding block games, but rather than combining anything, the job is just to break Kitty out. 

There are options to shift the perspective to aid in solving the puzzle, which definitely came in handy when I felt myself starting to get stuck on levels. The player can even flip the world totally upside down if they wish. Nice for some dynamic shots. 

Unlock The Cat LadiesGamers
Hopefully, Kitty isn’t too thrown off by my playing around with perspective.

Art and Sound

The polygonic art in the game is charming and easy on the eyes. I love the bright colors and shifts in light as the puzzles go on. It’s a cute and cozy aesthetic for sure 

The sound design in this game is minimal but nice. The little meows from Kitty throughout the game were so adorable. I also enjoyed the gentle, breezy music that echoed through the background. It blended well with the nature sounds also included in the tracks. 

Unlock The Cat LadiesGamers
So cozy… I almost wish I could jump through the screen


Unlock The Cat is a cute game to play in bursts over the day. It’s the kind of game to curl up on a couch with while enjoying a nice cup of tea or on the commute for a few minutes of mindless fun. For puzzle fans, this is a sweet addition to the lineup. 

Final Verdict: I Like it. I like it


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