Upcoming Steam Games June 2023

Welcome! At LadiesGamers, we are all about indie games. So, aside from our Upcoming Switch Games, it’s time to look at Steam’s upcoming new release games. This one is for June 2023.

Not all games to be released are on the list here. Alternatively, you will see games that the other gaming sites don’t mention. We are taking notice of these games. You can expect reviews for many of them if given half a chance! It should be noted that unless we have some personal experience with the game, there’s a link to the descriptions on the Steam website.

Pile Up! – June 2nd

Images shows buildings piles on top of each other

“Pile Up!” is a strategic building game in which you need to build houses, fulfil your people’s requests and manage your risky buildings differently on a small land. But don’t let your guard down in this chill environment; we only get you relaxed so you destroy everything you did.

Paula did a preview of the Early Access game. Here are her first thoughts:

I like Pile Up; even in its Early Access release, when it lacks a lot of content, there is a solid base for a great game to appear once it comes out of EA. For puzzle fans, Pile Up! is a game to keep an eye on as it moves through EA.

Tiny Thor – June 5th

image features a boy with a hammer

Tiny Thor features 16-bit graphics, and gameplay centred around using Mjölnir, leading our Norse hero through challenging levels filled with all kinds of obstacles. It offers tight controls, fast-paced action and an experience tinged with nostalgia.

Unleash the bouncy power of Mjölnir in this retro platformer. Use the mighty hammer and many other power-ups to travel the realms of Asgard. But watch out! Some mythical creatures will do everything to stop Thor from growing up.

James reviewed Tiny Thor and has this to say in his conclusion. 

Tiny Thor, for me, was a pleasant trip down the retro platforming avenue. Although I enjoyed it, the experience might not be for everyone. The game does bring with it some of the retro baggage. Levels do get very tough, requiring precision platforming to fully conquer. The health system isn’t that great, and levels do feel a tad long, reducing the drive to go back to explore for all the secrets.

Still, the game gets so much right with tight controls, brilliant presentation and a challenge that may be tough but is rewarding if you stick with it. You will likely feel worthy if you decide to take up the hammer with Tiny Thor.

Loop8: Summer of Gods – June 6th

Nini and his friends ready for battle in the Loop8 video game

Step into the life of Nini, a newly earthbound teen who arrives in the quaint Japanese town of Ashihara in August 1983. Explore the town, befriend its people, and face off against the Kegai in turn-based battles where the outcomes depend on the relationships you’ve built and the decisions you’ve made.

Use Nini’s special connection to the gods to reset the world, with each loop allowing Nini and his allies to relive the 8th month over and over until they get it right…or the Kegai overcome them entirely.

Yvonne reviewed Loop8: Summer of Gods and said this in her conclusion. 

Playing Loop8: Summer of Gods, I debated about which rating to give. Often I know even from the start which way my verdict will go, but not so this time. At first, the town felt so barren, and I often felt like I was just clicking away. Suggesting as much as I could towards everyone I met. Eventually, I began to see how I should play the game, paying more attention to relationships and whose friendship I wanted the most. Plus, I did my best to max my stats with activities.

I liked the battles; I would have loved more of them, not just on the days that the gate to the underworld was open. But what made me keep on doubting my verdict was the feeling of being an outsider. Sure, I tried to get closer to my classmates by making the right suggestions, but I would have loved more real background stories and feeling. When I suggest “Get to know better”, I really want to know the person!

I am going for I Like It, as I feel Loop8: Summer of Gods has more potential. To get the A Lot added to the I Like It, I would have needed more fleshed-out characters to relate to, making forming an emotional bond less a matter of clicking away and more of really wanting to know them more!

Brain Show – June 7th

Images features a cartoon man and a brain

Brain Show is a quiz game spiced with some mean but harmless humour. Immerse in the world of classic game shows: choose your categories, answer questions, eliminate rivals in various challenges, and prove yourself to be the smartest one in the pack!

Compete with your friends in a brand-new quiz game. Take part in a crazy TV Show. Dynamite explosions, sobbing mates, ruined friendships! Sounds like fun?

Kalina was took part in the TV show, and wrote her opinion here:

While Brain Show does have some kinks, it is a good trivia game. If you have a group of friends and a couple of controllers around, Brain Show will be a fun game to pass the time. What’s more, it has a solid foundation, which, if developed further, can become an excellent trivia game. 

We are Eva – June 13th

Image features a honed girl in purple and green

My name is Eva. I’m the main protagonist of the game you’re looking at. Yes, this little platformer game is about me. About me AND dimensional travel! Do you want to know more?

Travel through different dimensions in this uniquely innovative 2D platformer. I promise we’ll have fun. Or maybe not. Maybe we’ll both suffer horribly. How should I know? I’m just a video game character.

Lottie tried to have fun with Eva and made her review here.

We Are Eva has plenty of appeal, which you can see for yourself on the Steam page here. I do like how witty Eva is to the game player, and she even points out how many deaths they have accumulated. If you need a precision platformer this summer, I’d suggest giving We Are Eva a go.

DORDOGNE – June 13th

A girls wearing a red hat and a county side scene

Play as Mimi, exploring the precious recollections of your childhood and the times shared with your late grandmother. As the past meets the present, confront your adult choices with fond childhood memories to uncover lost family secrets.

Explore Dordogne landscapes of a thousand summer colours within sumptuous hand-painted watercolour environments. During your adventure, recall the moments, the panoramas, the scents, the sounds, and the sensations. Recount these vivid memories in your journal as a recollection of Mimi’s family past that’s unique to your experience and a nostalgic, touching reflection of your journey.

Mina was impressed by this emotional journey, here is her review.

Dordogne is as close to perfect as a game can be. There is a little jank, and a little weirdness in the UI, but the beauty and depth of the game make that absolutely forgivable.
I don’t think I will be playing Dordogne again any time soon; I think I need to recover emotionally from the story. But I do want to try it again from the beginning and see what other hidden wonders might be around the corners of Dordogne.

DayDream Forgotten Sorrow – June 14th

Images features a child running away from a creepy red hand

Immerse yourself in the gripping story of a person who visualizes himself as a small child accompanied by a cute teddy bear. Solve tricky puzzles, escape terrifying monsters, and avoid dangerous traps on a quest for inner peace.

In this puzzle platformer, you will embark on a touching journey through the surreal world of a person’s mind as a young Griffin and his faithful bear, Birly. Overcome challenges, avoid traps and defeat enemies to help the man find peace.

James reviewed DayDream Forgotten Sorrow and liked it:

Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow is a solid cinematic platformer if you’re looking for a short and sweet adventure that can be completed in a few gaming nights. Ultimately I liked Daydream. Through all the highs and lows I had with my time, I walked away satisfied and wanting to cuddle a teddy. But since I’m a bit old for that now, I’ll cuddle my son instead.

Park Beyond – June 15th

Image features a cartoon man an octopus and an amusement ride

Park Beyond is a theme park simulation game that allows you to create and manage the Parks of your Dreams! Whether you love to manage finances and visitor experience or just create fun and cosy parks, the game has something in store just for you.

As the creative lead of the park, you can let your imagination off the leash! Build wild loops and hoops for a coaster like no other to attract thrill-seeking teens, research exciting flat rides to appeal to adults, or pop down cheery, adorable flat rides for families. But you can also take things to the next level with unbelievable modules that add unique pizazz to your park.

Fall of Porcupine – June 15th

Colourful image with cute animals

Fall of Porcupine is a unique story adventure. The collision of work and daily life is an exciting reflection of an unhealthy healthcare system. Experience the exciting story of Finley and his friends in a lovingly illustrated world and uncover the darkest secrets of Porcupine and its residents.

Kalina reviewed the game for us and wrote this in her conclusion:

Some people complained about Fall of Porcupine being uneven tonally. I don’t feel like that. The game looks light-hearted, but the topic is a resident caring for patients in a derelict hospital. For what it’s worth, I think that the tonal switches were handled beautifully. There is warmth, fairness, and humanity in the relationship between the characters, and for that alone, I recommend Fall of Porcupine.

STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life – June 27th

Cartoon of children with faming equipment

Put down roots on your new farm in the peaceful town of Forgotten Valley. Forge precious memories as you weave your own generation-spanning tale of friendship, family, and farming. Bring life to the land by cultivating crops and raising animals, find love among the town’s friendly folk, and make lasting memories with a family of your very own in this reimagining of a beloved farming classic.

Yvonne checked to see if this classic holds up to modern times, check out the review here.

Marvelous did a great job on the remake, STORY of SEASONS: A Wonderful Life is a good game, even 20 years after its origins. You should be aware that STORY of SEASONS: A Wonderful Life tells the story of a farmer’s life. At first, there isn’t a huge variety of crops, fish and things to dig up. Still, your focus should be on trying to make the farm profitable and socializing with the people in the valley. The first chapter is only the intro. New things are introduced in the other chapters as well. And while your family expands, the other people in the valley get older, too and have their own stories.

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