Upcoming Steam Games October 2023

Welcome! At LadiesGamers, we are all about indie games. So, aside from our Upcoming Switch Games, it’s time to look at Steam’s upcoming new release games. This one is for October 2023.

Not all games to be released are on the list here. Alternatively, you will see games that the other gaming sites don’t mention. We are taking notice of these games. You can expect reviews for many of them if given half a chance! It should be noted that unless we have some personal experience with the game, there’s a link to the descriptions on the Steam website.

Bilkin’s Folly – October 2nd

Percy’s on a quest to find his missing relatives, and he needs your help! Join him and his beloved dog Drayton as they adventure through a series of unusual islands, solve puzzles to uncover valuable treasure, and bring to light the foreboding family secret buried beneath it all.

I reviewed Bilkins’ Folly and said this in my conclusion: 

Ultimately, Bilkins’ Folly might be the game for you if you’re into adventure with puzzles, pirates, and dogs.

There is certainly plenty of buried treasure to be found and dug up in Bilkins’ Folly. After all, it is the main puzzle mechanic for the entire game. However, for me, Drayton is Bilkins’ Folly furry star, and yes, you can pet him as many times as you want.

Silent Hope – October 3rd

Explore, fight, and produce items to grow stronger as seven distinct heroes in this silent world. Guided by the Princess. You’ll delve into the Abyss and learn the mysteries of the King and his now-ruined kingdom. In a world without words, what hope is there for humanity?

I reviewed Silent Hope and said this: 

Silent Hope is a fun dungeon crawler. Furthermore, I really enjoyed the fights in the Abyss and trying out the different heroes. I would have liked the crafting to be more hands-on for the player than just menu-based crafting. I don’t think Silent Hope is a game for all players; you will have to enjoy fighting baddies, as that is basically what it’s all about. The fighting in the Abyss is fast and engrossing, especially trying out the heroes’ abilities, which I enjoyed.

Station to Station – October 3rd

A voxel-art train runs in front of a windmill. The Station to Station logo is in the upper right-hand corner

In Station to Station, your world starts small with a handful of rural structures. Place stations and create connections to foster growth and expansion. As you build more connections, your area will grow, transforming into a vibrant, lush environment full of life and colour! To keep you on your toes, the game also features engaging puzzle elements, challenging you to optimize routes and solve logistical conundrums.

Mina reviewed Station to Station and gave it our highest score of Two Thumbs Up:

Just go out and get this game; if you love puzzles, pick up Station to Station. It’s one of the most beautiful examples of a passion project gone right I’ve seen this year. And this year has had a lot of fantastic games!

A Tiny Sticker Tale – October 4th

A Tiny Sticker Tale is a cosy miniature adventure about changing the world, using the power of stickers!

In A Tiny Sticker Tale, take anything from the world around you, turn it into a sticker, and use your creativity to stick it back in different places, solving puzzles, and helping your new friends!

Lynne reviewed A Tiny Sticker Tale and gave it our highest score of Two Thumbs Up. We also have a guide to help you find all those stickers.

A Tiny Sticker Tale is one of the most adorable games I’ve played this year. The graphics are bold and colourful, removing and placing stickers is good fun, and the quests are satisfying.

Designed to be a short adventure, A Tiny Sticker Tale packs a lot in and definitely a game to get stuck into!

Cassette Beasts: Pier of the Unknown DLC – October 4th

image shows the characters from the game

Charge your oversized flashlights and steel your nerves for “Pier of the Unknown”, a new DLC for Cassette Beasts! This DLC download includes a new storyline to seek and unravel. As well as, a spooky new location with three carnival-themed attractions to uncover and explore twelve new monsters that can only be found and collected within Brightside Pier and five new character costume options.

This new addition to Cassette Beasts brings the total number of monsters to 141, meaning you can now unlock 19,881 fully imagined fusions.

Lottie reviewed Cassette Beasts and said this in her conclusion.

In short, Cassette Beasts is a fantastic game with plenty of charm, great gameplay, and a groovy soundtrack. I could highly recommend it to anyone who loves playing a great game. The narrative aspects should keep a playthrough for about 8 – 18 hours, but those who wish to collect all the monsters and complete all side quests could expect to be playing for up to around 50 hours. There is plenty to do in New Wirral, take the leap of discovery and become a Cassette Beast Ranger!

Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic – October 5th

hidden through time 2 image shows a hand looking for clues in a grass area

Join Clicky on a new, enchanted adventure in Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic! Search for hidden objects scattered around hand-drawn worlds, and unlock more as you go. With both a single-player campaign and an online mode where you can create your own dream world, the adventure never ends.

I reviewed Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic and gave it Two Thumbs up.

For new players and those players who enjoyed the first game, you will have as much fun, if not more, with Hidden Through Time 2: Myths & Magic. It feels like the developers have put their heart and soul into Hidden Through Time 2, and it’s a lot more challenging than the first game. For me, out of the two games, I think this one is the best.

My Little Universe – October 5th

title name on the right side of the image and the games character with an axe in his hand on the left

Stranded on a barren moon with nothing but your tools, fuelless ship, and celestial powers of creation. You are destined to recreate what was once lost and be the hero of your own Little Universe. Don’t forget to call in up to three of your friends to join your journey in the Splitscreen Co-op Mode.

I also reviewed My Little Universe and gave it a Two Thumbs up.

I’ve had a blast with My Little Universe; it is a cosy worldbuilding collect-a-thon. It urges the player to explore further and discover what is on the next hex. My Little Universe is a wholesome, relaxing game for those who want the thrill of exploring and collecting infinite resources. Suitable for all ages in the family, it also has a very addictive gameplay loop and watching Orangey go to work and swing his tools is brilliant; I wish I had his energy!

Wargroove 2 – October 5th

Wargrove 2 title images shows the games name and some of the characters

Wargroove is back! Embark on an all-new adventure, filled with unlikely friendships, unknown adversaries, and ugly revenge plots. Wage war against your foes with a cast of new Commanders and utilise their new tiered ‘groove’ ability system to sway the fight in your favour. Design and share maps, cutscenes, and campaigns with easy-to-use editors and in-depth customization tools.

Trouble stirs on the shores of Aurania. An ambitious new faction has unearthed forbidden relics capable of catastrophic consequences. But how far will they go to achieve glory? Take to the battlefield, sea, and sky with a cast of new Commanders, using your wits to wage turn-based war.

James reviewed Wargroove 2 and gave it a score of Two Thumbs Up.

Wargroove 2 is extraordinary value for money. For less than a third of the price of a modern AAA, you’re getting one groovy SRPG. A campaign that is suited to newcomers and experienced players. Then you have the addictive new conquest mode, putting a fresh roguelike spin on things and even the ability to create your own levels and campaigns.

All these aspects feel carefully crafted with deep and engaging gameplay that will keep you busy for a very long time. This is all wrapped up with a colourful pixel art style and epic soundtrack. I found myself hooked to the gameplay even when I failed, keen to learn and change up my strategy next time. The game may not divert much from the first in terms of its gameplay, but that’s unlikely going to be a problem for returning fans. Wargroove 2 stands as one of the titans in its genre.

Midnight Girl – October 6th

a girl walking through water and the Midnifght Girl title

Midnight Girl is a 2D point-and-click adventure game. The game takes place in France during the Sixties. The story, mood, and style of the game are inspired by the city of Paris, Belgian comics and heist films from the Sixties.

Mina reviewed Midnight Girl and said this in her conclusion:

I love Midnight Girl. I love point-and-click adventures, and this scratches the itch I’ve had for a good one since I finished up Lucy Dreaming a whole year ago. It’s fun, it’s beautiful, it’s smooth and polished, and the music is good. I cannot recommend this game enough. It’s great fun with a whole lot of personality in it!

Harvest Island – October 10th

harvest island title image with the games name and two characters runing acroos a sandy beach

Harvest Island is a story-driven, farming simulator where you farm crops, collect tidepool critters, and catch fish for the gods. Pray to the gods and never ask questions as you enjoy your blissful farming days. Just don’t wander off too far from the comfort of your home. It’s safer to play around the farm than to discover the secrets and mysteries of this remote island.

Valerie reviewed Harvest Island and said this in her conclusion:

Harvest Island is a horror farm sim that is light on horror, and it has a mode for players to minimize the farming… Harvest Island certainly isn’t what I was expecting! It plays almost more like a narrative adventure, but that’s not a bad thing. I had a lot of fun foraging for what I needed and making new discoveries so frequently. There are enough side quests and optional upgrades to focus on whenever you want a distraction. The characters feel surprisingly fleshed out without heavy exposition.

Updates have been coming regularly to patch up any issues. The various ways to unlock new areas and the ways areas can change really keep the game fresh. As long as you’re prepared for a focus on exploration and quests, not expecting too much on the farming or horror side of things, it’s a delightful experience! I’ll be keeping an eye on Yobob Games now, for sure.

Dreaming Diorama – October 17th

many different colours flowers surrounding the games title Dreaming Diorama

A casual, cozy puzzle game where you create various dioramas. Explore and assemble dioramas in a 3D environment. Enjoy relaxing gameplay that allows you to create dioramas at your own pace with no time restraints.

Mina reviewed Dreaming Diorama:

Overall, Dreaming Diorama is fine. The puzzles are interesting and could be relaxing if the business doesn’t bother you like it did me. I like the concept, and I think it runs very smoothly on my PC. Overall, it’s an okay game that just needs a little love.

Agatha Christie Murder on the Orient Express – October 18th

title image with Agatha Christie Murder on the Orient Express in large letters with the games cast behind.

Step on board the legendary Orient Express and immerse yourself in the most famous detective suit in a race against the clock to unmask the murderer.

Discover a modernized and revisited version of the Agatha Christie’s classic. Set in 2023, Murder on the Orient Express brings the classic tale to life in a way that will surprise even the most dedicated fans. With brand-new elements added to the original story, experience the mystery and suspense like never before and rediscover one of the most famous cases of Hercule Poirot.

Kalina reviewed Agatha Christie Murder on the Orient Express and said this in her conclusion:

Having played the previous Hercule Poirot games, including the ancient ones, I can tell you that this one, Agatha Christie – Murder on the Orient Express, is by far my favourite. With the weather turning cold, staying home with tea, books, and video games seems like a natural conclusion, and what better way to start the season than with Agatha Christie – Murder on the Orient Express. I can only hope that Microids gives us a sequel.

Cattails Wildwood Story – October 20th

Cattails Wildwood Story title image with a white cat with blue eyes

Become a cat! In this cosy life sim RPG, you’ll lead your colony into the mysterious Wildwood. Hunt prey, harvest herbs, collect magical treasures, & defend your new home from intruders. Build a thriving town to recruit new cats. Get to know the residents, fall in love, & raise a litter of kittens!

Valerie reviewed Cattails: Wildwood Story and said this in her conclusion:

Cattails: Wildwood Story is one of the greatest community sims I’ve ever seen. If you come at it hoping for farming, you won’t find much there but a small plot of land for reproducing plants you find in the wild. Other than that expectation, I can’t think of a reason to be disappointed with this experience. There’s so much to do, various difficulty settings, huge collections to complete, and several strategies for advancing. Cattails: Wildwood Story has been crafted with lots of care. Fight and forage your way to a purr-fect village!

Cities Skylines II – October 24th

Cities Skylines II title name with a city in the backgound

Raise a city from the ground up and transform it into the thriving metropolis only you can imagine. You’ve never experienced building on this scale. With deep simulation and a living economy, Cities: Skylines II delivers world-building without limits. Lay the foundations for your city to begin. Create the roads, infrastructure, and systems that make life possible day to day. It’s up to you…all of it.

How your city grows is your call too, but plan strategically. Every decision has an impact. Can you energize local industries while also using trade to boost the economy? What will make residential districts flourish without killing the buzz downtown? How will you meet the needs and desires of citizens while balancing the city’s budget?

I reviewed Cities: Skylines II and said this in my conclusion:

Cities: Skylines II has much to live up to, and you know what? This is a fantastic start to a fabulous game. I’m excited for the future of city building. The game will take off once the modders get to work and Colossal Order pushes out the usual updates.

If you buy Cities: Skylines II, you can expect unfamiliarity, familiarity, surprises and the occasional frustration. But once you settle into it, plenty of new gameplay mechanics will keep you on your toes.

I love it, and I can see that Colossal Order love their game, too and wants to make it the best next-gen city builder. I predict Cities: Skylines II will be even more successful than its predecessor.

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