Upcoming Switch Games August 2023

Time to look at the upcoming new release games on our favourite handheld, the Nintendo Switch, for  August 2023. Plus, we also feature Upcoming Steam games. For those of you who prefer gaming on Steam!

Not all games to be released are on the list here. Alternatively, you will see games that the other gaming sites don’t mention. We are taking notice of these games. You can expect reviews for many of them if given half a chance! It should be noted that unless we have some personal experience with the game, there’s a link to the descriptions on the Nintendo website.

Flutter Away – August 3

Title image for Flutter Away showing a capybara with some butterflies.

Enjoy the serenity of the Amazon rainforest in this cozy short nature exploration game. As a butterfly researcher on a five-day camping trip, explore nearby tracks, take photos, meet animal friends, and journal the discoveries found along the way!

Lynne reviewed Flutter Away and said this in her conclusion:

There isn’t a huge amount of gameplay in Flutter Away, but you get a delightful adventure. This first-person game transports you to the Amazon rainforest, where you can explore and photograph some of the wonderful flora and fauna there. The graphics and soundtrack compliment each other and enhance the overall experience.

Tiny Thor – August 3

image features a boy with a hammer

Tiny Thor features 16-bit graphics and gameplay centered around using Mjölnir, leading our Norse hero through challenging levels filled with all kinds of obstacles. It offers tight controls, fast-paced action and an experience tinged with nostalgia.

James already reviewed the game on Steam, and wrote this in his conclusion:

Tiny Thor, for me, was a pleasant trip down the retro platforming avenue. Although I enjoyed it, the experience might not be for everyone. The game does bring with it some of the retro baggage. Levels do get very tough, requiring precision platforming to fully conquer. The health system isn’t that great, and levels do feel a tad long, reducing the drive to go back to explore for all the secrets.

Still, the game gets so much right with tight controls, brilliant presentation and a challenge that may be tough but is rewarding if you stick with it. You will likely feel worthy if you decide to take up the hammer with Tiny Thor.

Fluffy Milo – August 9

Embark on a pushing puzzle adventure through the seasons in Fluffy Milo! Featuring 60 stages of casual brainteasing fun presented in top-down 3D style, Fluffy Milo puts you in control of an adorable feline as you help him fill his bowls with delicious milk. Things start simple on a small arrangement of tiles with a single milk jug and one bowl, then get progressively larger and harder as you progress.

For every 15 stages you clear, your surroundings will change from tropical themes and forests to snowy fields as the seasons shift. Will you help Milo satisfy his milk cravings?

 I reviewed Fluffy Milo and said this:

Fluffy Milo is a no-frills sokoban-type puzzle game that has been on Steam for over a year and has now made the jump to consoles. I must say I’m no ace at puzzle games, but the levels don’t seem super challenging to me. This means, however, that it’s casual gaming, and nice to pick up and play during a coffee break.

Pups & Purrs Pet Shop – August 10

Care for Your Shop – and Your Furry Friends!

Welcome to your dream job! Play with, brush, and trim all the adorable pets as you find them forever homes. Tidy up, earn badges, and upgrade your space to keep both customers and animals happy.

Caroline gave us her thoughts on Pups and Purrs Pet Shop:

If you have a young gamer who loves puppies and kittens, or if you are a pet lover yourself, Pups & Purrs Pet Shop would be a good game for you. What is not to like about running an imaginary store and caring for adorable puppies and kittens? This sort of game is something I loved when I was younger. And it was also one of the games that got me into gaming. So I would definitely recommend Pups & Purrs Pet Shop to younger gamers, but also to gamers that love this type of simulation.

Moving Out 2 – August 11

Working as a solo F.A.R.T, or with up to three friends, slip into your Smooth Moves uniform and help the residents of Packmore, and beyond, to pack up and ship out!

We’re not in Packmore anymore… Via inter-dimensional portals you will explore new worlds filled with hilariously silly challenges and chaotic, rib-tickling action.

Moving Out 2 features an entirely new cast of extra lovable characters because Smooth Moves have signed up some new F.A.R.T recruits! Not to worry though, Rye Yu and Sidney are still on the payroll…

Friends who move together, groove together! Whether you fancy some local co-op action or a cross-play online multiplayer session, we’ve got you signed, sealed and delivered!

James reviewed Moving Out 2:

Moving Out 2 is a good game, and I do recommend it, especially with friends or if you’re a parent and want something to enjoy with the younglings. Compared to the first game, the developers have added much more level variety and plenty of variety in gameplay. For me, though, not all of this hit the mark, and I still found the experience at times quite frustrating and not as joyful as the happy characters waddling about on screen. If you played the first game and it didn’t land, then you don’t need to jump into this one. But if you’re new, loved the first game or have friends that want something fun and silly for game night, you shouldn’t be disappointed. If only moving out was this much fun in real life.

King of the Hat – August 24

Everyone’s soul is trapped in their hat and you can only lose if your hat gets crushed. Throw your hat, risk your life. Crush your opponent’s hat before they crush yours in this fast-paced, hat-based, fighting game.

James looked at the game when it was in early access on Steam, here are his thoughts:

It’s a fun and to-the-point party game that makes for an easy recommendation if you’re looking for a new game night experience. Suitable for players of all skills and a presentation that’s likely to lead to a few laughs. It will also create positive memories that you’ll hopefully all cherish for years to come.

Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: the London Case – August 29

In this detective adventure game, you will take on the role of the famous detective, Hercule Poirot, as he joins forces with Lloyd’s of London to ensure the transportation, protection, and sale of a valuable painting of Mary Magdalene. The painting is to be the centerpiece of a new exhibit at a London Museum, featuring other works of ecclesiastical art on loan from Brussels.

It’s a seemingly simple task of delivering a painting for an exhibition, but it will be unfortunately stolen during the grand opening.

Norn 9 Last Era – August 31

Twelve espers with superhuman powers brought together on a floating ship by a mysterious multinational entity known only as The World…

Their story together may have ended, but their own are just beginning.

Past, present, and future converge in Norn9: Last Era’s three different story modes, including explorations of the characters’ pasts before their lives together on the ship, retellings of the events of Norn9: Var Commons from new perspectives, and tales taking place after the events of the first game.

The Shape of Things – August 31

The Shape of Things Review

Experience a relaxing atmosphere from the comfort of your cozy room by solving small 3D puzzles inside collectible gachapons, and find the original shape of things.

Mina reviewed the game on Steam and Liked it a Lot. Here are her thoughts:

The Shape of Things is so cute, it’s super fun, and the smooth gameplay and the puzzles are well-considered. Minus the couple of things I had issues with, The Shape of Things was nearly perfect. I love it so much.

In addition, the game is cute, fun, relaxing, and worth picking up if you love these kinds of adorable little puzzle games.

OU – August 31

The place is U-chronia, a hazy world that lives in hazy memories of the distant past. OU, a young boy, wakes up in a dried up riverbed without any memories of his own.

He meets Zarry, an opossum with a flaming tail, who guides him on a journey to find out his story. The Saudage Specter, who haunts the boy; Gemini, who looks just like him; The Weeping Woman “La Llorona”, who leads him to tragedy. All of them are there to change the Story and how it will end.

A pen-drawn world reminiscent of the illustrations in children’s literature, accompanied by guitar music ripe with nostalgia for an old hometown.

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