Upcoming Switch Games February 2022

Welcome, we’re into the new month already which can only mean one thing at LadiesGamers. It’s time to look at the upcoming new release games on our favourite handheld, the Nintendo Switch for February 2022.

Mind you, not all games to be released are on the list here. Alternatively, you will see games that the other gaming sites don’t mention. We are taking notice of these games, and if given half a chance, you can expect reviews for many of them! It should be noted that unless we have some personal experience with the game mentioned, there’s a link to the descriptions on the Nintendo website.

Webbed – February 2nd

webbed LadiesGamers

Webbed is the story of a happy little spider on an adventure to save her boyfriend from a big mean bowerbird. Explore the dangerous wilderness with nothing but your webs and your wits. Practice the art of web-swinging to speed your way through the world.

Leave your own unique mark by spinning webs through the interconnected world. Stick webs to almost anything and use them to create your own paths. Make friends with bugs, and dance with them. Some bugs could use a little help from a friend and might even join your rescue effort in return.

Draw a Stickman: EPIC – February 3rd

Stickman LadiesGamers

Draw a stickman, then guide him through a fantastic world of adventure. Pencil your way into one of the most creative drawing puzzle games ever designed: Draw a Stickman: EPIC.

In this uniquely crafted cartoon RPG, you become the artist and create your very own stickman hero! Sketch and doodle your way through the cartoon obstacles the evil stick man Zarp throws at you!

As the artist behind the adventure, you start the game by drawing an original cartoon hero. Your hero also needs a friend, so sketch his buddy and give him a name! But as you watch your cartoon creations hop right off the page, your stick man hero’s friend heads straight into the dangers of the cartoon adventure book! Send your doodle dude into the book to save his cartoon friend!

The Hundred Year Kingdom – February 3rd

The Hundred Year Kingdom LadiesGamers

Welcome to an untouched new world. Only you, the Creator, and a mythical young goddess who calls herself an oracle exist here. Share times of laughter, tears, and joy as you combine your skills and powers to guide the emergence of a brand new civilization. What will your world be like after a century of growth? That’s up to you!

The Hundred Year Kingdom lets you build and care for civilization in a world of your own making. Set up and reshape your world with realms covered in mountains, vast seas, thick savanna, or whatever you like. Mina is reviewing The Hundred Year Kingdom, check back to read it soon.

Heroes of Loot 2 – February 7th

Heroes of loot 2 LadiesGamers

After their job, of keeping the dungeons in balance, was done, our heroes needed a new job. Roaming the lands they found a call for heroes, a castle in need, possible even a damsel in distress?

Take control of all four heroes at once, using their special skills to navigate the dangerous castle hallways, rooms and floors. Switching between the Elf, Wizard, Warrior and Valkyrie when needed to solve quests, puzzles, and of course, destroy a lot of demons and skulls. James reviewed Heroes of Loot last year and we will be publishing his review of Heroes Loot 2 soon. 

Unstrong Legacy – February 7th

Unstrong Legacy LadiesGamers

Unstrong is a colourful retro-style pixel Metroidvania platformer. As your precious base crashes to the ground, you can’t help but wonder, ‘WHY!’, ‘What went wrong this time?’, and ‘Where did all my cool stuff go?!’ But don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough. You can’t run forever.

Starting from nothing isn’t new to you. You’re Glasses, just some nerd with noble goals, as noble as an evil genius manages, at least. So what else can you do but pick up all the pieces and try again? You’ll learn how to scientifically approach stuff like magnets, robots, sticks, and daddy issues on your journey. We’ll all learn so much together and have a super-good time overall.

Olliolli World – February 8th

Olliolli World LadiesGamers

Flip and flow through the vivid and vibrant world of Radlandia, meeting colourful characters as you grind, trick, and air your way to discover the mystical skate gods on your quest for Gnarvana.

Traverse an entertaining and weird world as you take on missions challenges, and make new friends along the way. Customise your character’s looks, tricks, and style while you experience explorable levels with multiple paths that provide an array of opportunities for player expression. Challenge the world in Leagues or dare a friend to beat your best tricks on one of the millions of sharable levels. Experience the accessibility, depth, and player freedom as you dive into the signature flow state gameplay of OlliOlli World.

Letters – a written adventure – February 9th

Letters - a written adventure LadiesGamers

Letters – a written adventure is a cosy, often funny, sometimes sad game about friendship, courage and the power of words. You journey back to the 90s and 2000s to follow the story of Sarah, moving through her beautiful hand-drawn letters and nostalgic pixel worlds.

Help her navigate all the ups and downs of growing up and decide what kind of person she’ll become.
Use words to solve riddles and explore Sarah’s colourful world of wacky characters, relatable stories and bad puns.

Ocean’s Heart – February 10th

Ocean’s Heart LadiesGamers

Ocean’s Heart is an action RPG featuring detailed pixel art with a heavy focus on exploration. In a lively world teeming with secrets and mysteries, Tilia sets out in search of her missing father. Follow the trail through the ruins of a flooded kingdom, shape the future of the current world, or keep your head down and focus on your own mission in this epic retro-inspired adventure!

Explore a detailed and beautiful world brimming with secrets hidden in misty forests, isolated mountain peaks, or saltwater marshes. Every area is filled with unique and meaningful sidequests, ancient mysteries, and dangers. Battle fearsome monsters wield various weapons and ancient magic to defeat or outmanoeuvre them. Search for special materials to upgrade your weapons until you’re demolishing monsters who once put up a fierce fight. Gather various items worldwide to craft potions, upgrade weapons, and expand your ever-growing arsenal.

Inua – A Story in Ice and Time – February 10th

Inua - A Story in Ice and Time LadiesGamers

Inua is a mystical narrative adventure spanning time-several periods in the Canadian far north. Follow the story of Taïna, Peter and Simon, three characters separated by more than a century but whose destinies are mysteriously intertwined with Nanurluk, the great polar bear.

10 000 thousand years ago, nanurluk lived peacefully with her cubs? Then, one day, motivated by ambition and their desire to show their superiority, humans attacked her. After a long and dire hunt, Nanurluk was slain, disturbing the balance between man and nature. Navigate through time and instil ideas into the minds of characters to bring back harmony to the world. Inua will have you unravel space-time to solve puzzles and guide the characters.

EGGLIA Rebirth – February 10th

EGGLIA Rebirth LadiesGamers

The fantasy RPG “Egglia“, first released for mobile phones in 2017, finally debuts on the Nintendo Switch! Once upon a time, there was a magical kingdom known as Egglia. Within its borders, all manners of species lived peacefully and in harmony with one another.

But these days were not to last. Instead, the kingdom was sieged by gigantic, brutish Ogres, who laid waste to all they touched. Faced with imminent destruction, Egglia’s ruler and its most powerful wizard, Kuff, sealed his precious kingdom away inside a magical egg. There Egglia remained, kept safe from strife and harm, waiting for the right time to be set free once more.

Immerse yourself in the familiar, nostalgic warmth of the Egglia-verse, and explore new characters and storylines exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version. Win simple, intuitive dice-roll battles to find more eggs and make Egglia thrive, or enjoy decorating your home and mingling with the unique characters that inhabit your town. Create your personal home-away-from-home in the soft, colourful world of Egglia.

Breakout: Recharged – February 10th

Breakout: Recharged LadiesGamers

The grandfather of brick-breaking games is back with some of the toughest challenges yet! Breakout: Recharged steps up the excitement with a fresh coat of paint, exciting powerups, and another original soundtrack from award-winning video game composer Megan McDuffee.

Breakout: Recharged will forever change what you expect from a brick-breaking title. The endless arcade mode and 50 challenge levels will push you to the limit of your skills. However, don’t fret, as this wouldn’t be a Recharged title without game-changing powerups. Expect the aid of rail guns, homing missiles, and explosives to join the traditional multi-ball. You’ll need every tool in the arsenal and razor-sharp reflexes to climb the global leaderboards.

Rise of the Third Power – February 10th

Rise of the Third Power LadiesGamers

Rise of the Third Power is a retro-themed, console-style role-playing game loosely based on the political climate of Europe in the late 1930s. The story takes place in the land of Rin during the height of the Age of Sail, following the events that would lead to the greatest war in human history.

Story-driven. Join a party of eight, each with their own unique ambitions, perspectives and personalities, as they embark upon a suicide mission to topple the Arkadyan emperor, Dimitri Noraskov. A blend of humour, drama and tragedy await players as they navigate the treacherous world of Rin. Check back soon for James’ review of Rise of the Third Power.

Derpy Conga – February 10th

Derpy Conga LadiesGamers

Gather all your friends and take them on a journey to save their endangered planet. Take their hand as you find them and form a conga line to be sure not to leave anyone behind but be careful: the longer the line, the harder to control. On the other hand, certain obstacles are easier to overcome when you have friends on your side.

Explore colourful and lively worlds as you travel through space to look out for your friends. A carefully crafted, multi-layered soundtrack that evolves as your conga line gets longer. Lovely animated characters cheer you up while saving the world.

Castle Morihisa – February 10th

Castle Morihisa LadiesGamers

Roguelike deck builder card battler card game Castle Morihisa is a roguelike featuring strategic deck builder. You need to build up your deck through constant battles, acquire powerful talents.

Wield the power of the Fallen Heroes to unveil the truth behind the rebellion in Castle Morihisa. Mina is reviewing Castle Morihisa, check back soon for her review.

Kittens and Yarn – February 10th

Kittens and Yarn LadiesGamers

Lots of cuteness and mess! That’s exactly what you get for having several kittens at home. Kittens and Yarn is a cute and minimalist puzzle game where it’s up to you to untangle the yarns by simply swapping the pieces.

Relaxing, no scoring, no timer, and no pressure. Solve the puzzles in your own time and enjoy the game experience. Level progression with unique levels, where the challenge increases with each level with more pieces and yarns.

Blackberry Honey – February 11th

Blackberry Honey LadiesGamers

Blackberry Honey is an inspiring kinetic novel full of frilly dresses and romance. Lorina Waugh is forced to toil for fourteen hours a day as a maid for the Lennard family, and she struggles with overwork and being bullied by the senior maids.

One of the only maids who speaks kindly to Lorina is the mysterious Taohua. Her aloof, almost cat-like personality, coupled with her peculiar appearance, have inspired rumours that she might be a witch.

Lorina knows she should keep her distance from Taohua, and she wants to most desperately, but maybe there’s a pinch of truth to all the rumours because she soon finds herself under the woman’s spell.

DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 Empires – February 15th

DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 Empires LadiesGamers

A new release for the “Empires” series, which allows users to enjoy both the thrill of one-versus-a-thousand action and the intricacy of country conquering simulation. Combat has evolved from the “Battles” of previous games into “Castle Sieges” that occur in the area around each castle. In an always changing environment, use devious planning and military might enjoy this new style of battle where the biggest question is “What’s the best way to take this castle?”

In Politics, the choices of and the interactions between officers will determine the foundations of a force. Players are able to experience a variety of lifestyles, playing as rulers, generals, unaffiliated officers, and more. Furthermore, an officers’ interactions with other officers will help to strengthen the country they are a part of.

MONARK – February 22nd

Monark LadiesGamers

Follow your Ego and control the madness. Could you face yourself and the threats around you to save the ones you love? Shin Mikado Academy is engulfed in a madness-inducing Mist, and only you can save everyone inside. Develop your Ego to break the pacts set by the Pactbearers and dispel the corrupting Mist.

Jump between exploring the Mist of the real world and fighting within the enigmatic Otherworld. Call upon allies, fight enemies, and unravel the mysteries surrounding your academy. Will you save the world or go mad and destroy yourself?

Amazing Machines – February 24th

Amazing Machines LadiesGamers

In this physics-based puzzle game, you construct whimsical contraptions with fun elements. Position explosive barrels, laser guns, rockets, conveyor belts and much more in the right places to set off comical chain reactions.

Discover your inner inventor, and experiment across over 200 tricksy levels. The level editor offers unlimited tinkering enjoyment: Design your own levels using a colourful collection of objects, from clothes pegs to wind machines.

15in1 Solitaire – February 24th 

15in1 Solitaire LadiesGamers

Freecell and Klondike are just the beginning! Dive deep into the world of Solitaire in the largest Solitaire combo released yet. Offering days of fun, pleasant looks and simple controls. Can your personal best measure up to the best?

The common goal of all the solitaire variants is to eliminate all the cards, which are on the table. Move them to the corresponding pile based on the rules of a particular mode. The cards are sorted based on their suits or values. Every variant has different rules and allows different card movements.

Variable Barricade – February 24th

Variable Barricade LadiesGamers

A member of a prestigious family and heir to a fortune, Hibari learns that her eccentric grandfather is determined to find her a husband. He arranges to house her in a luxurious villa along with four handsome, hand-picked bachelors and her private butler. As her suitors try to win her hand by any means necessary, Hibari endures endless everyday trials and temptations.

Has her grandpa chosen poorly, or could there be more to these fellows than first meets the eye? Through all of this, Hibari has two important goals: frighten off each of these marriage candidates, and absolutely refuse to fall in love.

Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream – February 25th

Atelier Sophie 2 LadiesGamers

Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream is a story about one of the adventures Sophie the Alchemist had after leaving her hometown of Kirchen Bell. It is centred around Sophie’s quest of searching for Plachta after they are separated in a dream world of Erde Wiege and the new friends they meet there.

This game incorporates new multi-link turn battles that feature six-party members divided into two teams and begin seamlessly when players encounter enemies while exploring. In addition, Atelier Sophie 2 combat experience is enriched by many special effects and actions, including special Dual Trigger skills that involve two of the team members attacking in unison.





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