Upcoming Switch Games January 2022

Welcome to the first Upcoming Switch Games article of 2022. A New Year already and a new month can only mean one thing at LadiesGamers. It’s time to look at the upcoming new release games on our favourite handheld, the Nintendo Switch.

Mind you, not all games to be released are on the list here. Alternatively, you will see games that the other gaming sites don’t mention. We are taking notice of these games, and if given half a chance, you can expect reviews for many of them! It should be noted that unless we have some personal experience with the game mentioned, there’s a link to the descriptions on the Nintendo website.

Crumble – January 3rd 

Crumble LadiesGamers

Crumble is a physics platformer with a grappling tongue mechanic. Join the chaos of unstable platforms and unexpected destructions with this cute blue ball. Try to progress in exciting levels falling around you.

Move like a Slime, jump like a Ball and swing with your tongue! Play the campaign mode with an increasingly crumbling or play world multiplayer the Party Mode to play with a friend.

Arcadia Fallen – January 5th

Arcadia Fallen LadiesGamers

Play the role of a young alchemist apprentice who is unwillingly bound to an illegal spirit. Suddenly drawn into a war between humanity and magic. They must join a group of unlikely heroes to escape their own doom, hopefully saving the world along the way.

Immerse yourself in this beautiful roleplaying experience that combines gorgeous Japanese-inspired anime aesthetics with enchanting Scandinavian storytelling. On their journey, your alchemist will be joined by a group of five companions, four of which you can form romantic relationships with (LGBTQ+ friendly!).

Headland – January 13th

Headland LadiesGamers

Headland is a fantastical imaginary world filled with vibrant colours and silly creatures. But a sinister outside force threatens to steal the wonder and colour from the world. Join Nor on an action-filled adventure, help him rebuild the Imagination Core, and save Headland.

Explore the colourful islands of Headland and fight against an imaginative cast of monsters, and level up your powers. Collect blueprints and expand your arsenal of unique weapons. Spend resources and upgrade your weapons at the Living Forge. Meet the inhabitants of Headland and help solve their problems. Discover the meaning behind the sinister Pale Guard.

ASTRONEER – January 13th

ASTRONEER LadiesGamers

Astroneer is set during the 25th century Intergalactic Age of Discovery, where Astroneers explore the frontiers of outer space, risking their lives in harsh environments to unearth rare discoveries and unlock the mysteries of the universe.

In this adventure, players can work together to build custom bases above or below ground, create vehicles to explore a vast solar system, and use terrain to create anything they can imagine. A player’s creativity and ingenuity are the keys to seeking out and thriving while on exciting planetary adventures!

Eternal Radiance – January 13th 

Eternal Radiance LadiesGamers

Inspired by classic action JRPGs, Eternal Radiance is an action role-playing game about a squire named Celeste who begins a journey to prove herself worthy of becoming a true knight. Her quest takes her far from her home, across the continent in pursuit of a thief whose actions stem from a sinister plot.

Character-driven story. As Celeste travels across the continent with her companions Valana and Ruby. They’ll learn more about the world and its history, as well as a sinister plot about to unfold.

Exciting, dynamic battles. Take on a variety of enemies with an exciting action combat system. Plan your battles, unleash special attacks, and devastate your foes. Beautiful, mysterious world. Explore fields, towns, and dungeons across a strange world still haunted by its elusive past.

Nova-111 – January 13th

Nova-111 LadiesGamers

Pilot your trusty vessel through mysterious and foreign planets in this award-winning sci-fi-themed turn-based adventure with a real-time action twist. Your mission: fix space-time and search out the scientists lost in the aftermath of the Universe’s greatest experiment. Aided only by your trusty (if somewhat sandwich-obsessed) guide, you must repair the temporal vortex!

Activate 100% of your brain and solve mind-warping puzzles! Engage in strategic battles with bizarre astrobiological creatures in a twisted environment where the turn-based world and the real-time world collide.

Progress through three beautiful, distinct worlds! Protect yourself by collecting new abilities and upgrading modules for your ship. Whatever you do though, never forget that your greatest weapon is always SCIENCE itself.

Aery – Dreamscape – January 13th

Aery dreamscape LadiesGamers

In Aery – Dreamscape, you play as a bird-like spirit who can enter the minds of other people to explore their thoughts, their secrets, and their imagination.

Within an imaginary world, you have to find a certain amount of memory shards to advance with the story and get to know more about the person in question. Once you have found all memory shards, you are free to leave the world again and search for the next mind you want to explore.

Experience the feeling of flying, immerse into beautiful and atmospheric landscapes and enjoy the unique storytelling of the game while getting to know many interesting people on the way.

Labyrinth Legend – January 18th

Labyrinth Legend LadiesGamers

Labyrinth Legend offers players a satisfying dungeon-crawling experience brought to life by retro-inspired pixel graphics. A lone adventurer, harbouring the abilities of one of three unique classes, enters the Labyrinth to test their skills.

The action-oriented combat uses simple yet satisfying gameplay mechanics that both new and veteran gamers can enjoy. The deeper you go into the Labyrinth, the more the game’s story reveals itself, growing and evolving with your progression. At the end of each dungeon, you’ll find monstrous bosses that will be sure to pose a threat, so take care to power up your character and learn the bosses’ attacks.

Vivid Knight – January 19th

Vivid Knight LadiesGamers

Explore a dungeon that changes with every playthrough, defeat the Black Witch who awaits you in its depths, and free your friends from their jewel prisons. Collect the jewels (units) located throughout the dungeon and add them to your party. Acquire duplicates of the same jewel to upgrade their stats.

Build your own unique order of knights. Adding jewels to your party activates powerful symbol abilities. Mix and match the colours and symbols of the jewels you encounter to activate a variety of effects and build your own unique team.

Make the Burger – January 20th

Make the Burger LadiesGamers

In a depreciated neighbourhood, a gastronomic Chef decides to sell his beautiful burgers, with the wish to improve the reality of the neighbourhood and to make people happier.

Make hamburgers for different types of customers, with various combinations of ingredients. Do not miss your orders, they will not be happy with this.

Customers don’t like to wait too long so be quick and get it right. Also, do not let the burger fall. Otherwise, it will only leave the neighbourhood more depreciated and will bring you more work having to clean everything.

Unforeseen Incidents – January 27th

Unforeseen Incidents LadiesGamers

Unforeseen Incidents is a classical style interactive mystery set in a beautifully hand-painted world. When small-town handyman Harper Pendrell meets a dying woman in the street, he unwittingly stumbles into a diabolical conspiracy, a mystery only he can solve.

An unknown disease is spreading across the country, and between them, a scientist, a reporter and a reclusive artist hold the key to stopping it. A perilous journey awaits, and every step brings Harper closer to a cabal of dangerous fanatics. Before he knows it, he finds himself in a fight for the future of humankind armed only with his trusty multi-tool.

Hidden Paws – January 27th

Hidden Paws LadiesGamers

Open cars and boxes, rummage through piles of wood, search the forests. Cats are well hidden but they meow when you get near so listen closely and you might just be able to find them all. Features 12+ charming winter landscapes with over 120 little cats to find.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus – January 28th

Pokémon™ Legends: Arceus LadiesGamers

Explore a vast untamed wilderness where new discoveries await in Pokémon Legends: Arceus for Nintendo Switch. Survey catch and research wild Pokémon in this sprawling action RPG set in a long-gone era when it was rare for people and Pokémon to live in close harmony.

Encounter and battle Pokémon in the Hisui region of Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Explore the vast environment and Study the Pokémon that live in it.


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