Usagi Shima Review

Game: Usagi Shima
Genre: Simulation, Cozy
System: Mobile (Android and iOS)
Developer | Publisher:  Jess Yu
Age Rating: US 4+ | EU 4+
Price: US free | UK free | EU free (in-app purchases)
Release Date: September 1st, 2023

No review code was used; I downloaded it for free.

Why is it that a rabbit stands for cuddly, cosy and cute? I’ve had bunnies myself, and in retrospect, I think it’s a bit sad that Fiver and Odie spent their life in a cage, no matter that it was large. I let them roam around my kitchen daily so they could enjoy themselves, but still….However, especially Odie wasn’t always cute and cuddly. When he was small, sure, but pretty soon, he got bossy and protective of Fiver and made sure I knew it.

Bunny Collecting Game

A screenshot of Usagi Shima. There's a shop and toys in front of it for the visiting bunnies
The shop is the first thing you get, after which you add toys and structures.

The bunnies in Usagi Shima are very well-behaved and don’t have the problem of not having enough living space. They can come and go as they please and play with the fun stuff we put down for them! At its base, Usagi Shima is a bunny collecting game, and it’s up to you to make the blank canvas of the abandoned island enticing for them. At first, there’s nothing but some trees, and you start off buying a shop to put on the island.

Visiting bunnies leave tips. It shows what toys they liked the most and how many carrots they give
Visiting bunnies leave tips.

You can buy toys in the shop to place on the island. Bunnies are curious critters, and they visit your area to see if there is fun to be had; based on the space you create, they leave tips. You guessed it, in the form of carrots! And these carrots, in turn, can be used to buy more toys. Things like a little tent, a bunny doll that lights up at night and other things to crawl in or under. Eventually, they might like it so much on your island that they move in!

A bunny is fishing in the pond, another one is sitting on a tree trunk. And one bunny would like to be fed
See them enjoy themselves! Though there is one busy waiting to be fed!

In-App Purchases

The bigger structures, or unlocking new areas on the island, cost golden carrots. And this is where the in-app purchases come in. You get them in the game as well, but very slowly. And if you build a structure, you could speed it up with these golden carrots. If you have time though, you can do without it, but it does slow the gameplay down.

The screen for the in-app purchases is shown. You can pay to remove ads and also buy carrots.
The screen for the in-app purchases is shown. You can pay to remove ads and also buy carrots.

On the other hand, you might want to support this lone developer! Jess was inspired by her childhood love of rabbits and pet simulator games, and Usagi Shima started out as Jess’s passion project. She would work on the game evenings and weekends while juggling a full-time job as a Software Developer. Heartened by the overwhelmingly positive response on Usagi Shima from social media and the people around her, Jess ultimately decided to leave her job and now works full-time on Usagi Shima!

There's a question if you want to watch ads and so double your rewards from 5 to 10 golden carrots
A nice way to get more golden carrots

You can pay an amount from €3,99|$3.99 to remove the ads in the game and reduce the waiting time of buildings to zero. Plus, you can also invest in carrots or golden carrots. On the other hand, watching the ads allows you to double the amount of golden carrots earned.

Let’s Fill Up Bunbook

Visually, Usagi Shima is truly lovely. Hand-drawn and in a  traditionally animated art style, you have 30+ bunnies with unique looks and features to collect. There are over 100 items to decorate with, some even interactive, and several ways to interact with the bunnies. Pet them, take their picture and save it in their profile in Bunbook, play hide and seek and feed them.

The Bunbook with the bunnies that I have collected. There's Tomo, Button, Yuzu, Mochi and many more
The Bunbook with the bunnies that I have collected.

The game runs in real-time, so you can see how the island looks at night, with all the lighted-up toys you placed.

The background music is lovely and reminds me of Animal Crossing, which isn’t surprising. The developer is clearly inspired by this fan favourite and by virtual pet games. I would like more variety in the music, though it currently feels like the same tune that keeps replaying.

The bunbook profile of Mochi. The friendship status is 3 hearts now, it visited 11 times and the favourite toy is a melon cushion
Fancy these Bunnies having their own Bunbook page!
The photos I took of Lulu added to her bunbook profile page
The photos you take can be added to each bunny’s Bunbook profile. How cute!

It works well on the iPad; swiping and touching fits the game, though I think it would be right at home on the Nintendo Switch as well.


Usagi Shima is a lovely game, both visually and in gameplay. If you are more into action games, grand adventures and deep stories, then this one is not for you. If you, however, love simulation games, I’d say: give it a try.

Usagi Shima at nighttime. You see all the items that were placed that light up at night.
Usagi Shima at nighttime. Isn’t it beautiful?

There’s enough to do without the stress of timers and set goals. This is truly a coffee game: while having your favourite cup during the day, check up on your bunny friends!

Final Verdict: I Like it a LotI like it a lot

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