Vics Top 5 Eshop Switch Games On A Budget

Made by Vic

Here I am talking about my top 5 favourite Nintendo Swith Eshop games for under £20!


Info: The game costs £4.49 and takes up 111mb of memory.

KAMIKO is an action adventure game based around Japanese beliefs. You can choose from 3 women to play the game with. Each have a different weapon, short range, long range and standard. You work your way through four large areas, solving puzzles and defeating enemies, each area has a boss fight at the end.

If you like the older top down view Legend Of Zelda games you may really like this. The downside to the game is that it is very short; 1-3 hours depending on your skill level. But that increases if you play it through with each character. And the game even challenges you to keep beating your time. Well worth a look for that price. I really enjoyed it and couldn’t put it down until I finished it.

Score: 7/10


Info: The game costs £19.99 and takes up 905mb of memory.

Fast RMX is a fast-paced racing game that lives up to its name. You will love it if you enjoy games such as F-Zero and Wipeout. It is well worth the price tag. I found it very fun and I got used to the controls fairly quickly. It features some very challenging race tracks.

I don’t play it all the time but find myself going back to it occasionally. It also features split screen play offline and online. The only downside I can mention is that if you are sensitive to things like flashing images, or your reaction time is slow, this isn’t the game for you.

Score: 8/10


Info: The game costs £12.99 and takes up 574mb of memory

Ironcast is a challenging strategy puzzle game that you may get addicted to. It is set in Steampunk London and you command a machine that can destroy your enemy. By matching coloured shapes you gain things like ammo and fuel. You take it in turns to attack by targeting a section of the enemies machine and opening fire with bullets or rockets; you win when its completely destroyed.

If you lose you have to start the game again! But you carry over experience points so you can upgrade your machine and do better next time as you work your way across the map. The game also offers optional side missions to gain extra experience and items. It is a great game but more casual gamers may get frustrated with the difficulty.

Score: 8/10


Info: The game costs £18.99 and takes up nearly 1GB of memory

VOEZ is a beautifully presented rhythm game that’s available on mobiles as well as the Switch. I prefer the Switch version as it’s a bigger screen, which really matters when the game is solely used on the touch screen and you tap the icons like you’re playing a piano.

I did hear of an update for the Japanese version that includes TV mode, but no word on that option coming to the west yet. There are over 120 songs available and occasionally they add more for free. The songs span many genres of music from opera to pop, without or without lyrics and are in English or Japanese. If you’re a fan of rhythm games then this a must-have game and is one of my favourite games in general.

Score: 9/10


Info: The game costs £13.99 and takes up 236mb of memory. Demo available.

Piczle Lines is an addictive puzzle game, described as a mash-up of Picross, Sudoku and a Jigsaw puzzle. Match the coloured and numbered lines to form a picture of an object. It’s a simple to learn game with the puzzles getting larger and more difficult the more you play. But it doesn’t get too frustrating. You can play this easily on your TV or handheld mode, I like both equally.

It is well worth the price tag and there have been more puzzles added recently for free. It is one of those “oh just one more puzzle” games which then actually leads to five more and so on. I have logged quite a few hours already despite only getting the game a week ago. My only small gripe is that the music can get can repetitive.

Score: 9/10

So that’s my top 5 Switch Eshop budget games at the moment. I will probably do a top 10 next year when I finally get around to playing Thimbleweed Park, Golf Story and Stardew Valley etc.

I hope you enjoyed reading and that you enjoy these titles as much as I did, thank you.

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  1. I liked the demo of Puczle Lines DX, but in the tv mode it al went to slow for me. I could see connections far faster than I could connect them in the game and I found that frustrating.
    The handheld mode was far better in that regard (and very addictive!), but sadly I can’t play handheld mode for long (it’s to heavy for me)
    I played Animal Crossing and Fantasy Life for wayyy to many hours on my 3DS XL and sinds then I have problems with my arms/ neck muscles. Now amount of fysical therapie has helped.

    Iron Cast looks interesting, and I’m very curious about Golf Story.

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