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How video-games can touch a life

As you might remember, I had the good fortune to write for a gaming website for a couple of months. GameRaven was a new initiative, founded by a company that wanted to see how one fares with a gaming website without any commercials. They adopted a positive tone of voice and had lots of in-depth articles too. I had a blast researching and writing the editorials, like this one: The Debate on Video Games: the Good, Bad & Family Dynamics. 

Sadly, after a few months the company called it quits and sold the website to someone else. I was sorry to see it end for me, but it did mean that I could dedicate more time to my own website again. To my surprise the article is still well read, as this letter shows.

I couldn’t resist sharing it with you, it’s a perfect example of how video-games can influence a life.  Thanks Nick, for your kind words!

To The Editor:

I was really fascinated after reading “The Debate On Video Games: The Good, Bad & Family, Dynamics” by Yvonne Van Geloven Personally, I am a gamer myself so I finally found a good topic to read. The things you talk about was very informing and I agree with your opinion on video games. I agree with your opinion because the information that I read, I could relate most of that to my gaming life.

I’ve been playing video games my whole life and I still do, but I am not an addict. Like you said, video games can introduce kid to computer technology and I am proud to say, that, that was exactly what happened to me! See, when I was 7, before I started to play games, I was not that very bright.(In technology) But soon after I started to play video games, I became way more interested in technology. So I asked my dad to get me a computer and once I got it, I was all over it. It introduce me into a whole new world. And now technology is now one of my strongest subjects. And learning technology has made my mind very creative.

You also informed me that video games can be fun for all and I can relate to that. I have an xbox with a kinect. My dad bought me a couple of games to play with the kinect. We got the Kinect sports and other games like that. When I started to play the game, I started to have a lot of fun and I didn’t even realize that the game was actually a workout for me.

Now of course, video games can ruin your brain but it all really depends on how much you play the game. I have trained myself to know when to stop and when it is ok to keep playing. And I know that there are people out there that are potato couches and have a mind like a sheep. But if the word gets out of how video games can affect your life, then people might understand what it can do to then and they might realize and actually get a life.

Now my letter/review is coming to an end and I would like to say a couple more things. Now video games can be a very bad thing but it can be a very good thing so I would like to spread the word that if you learned and manage the way you play video games, video games can become a really good thing in your life and you can also still have a social life.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my letter/review! By the way, I am a Rocky Heights Student in 7th grade.

From, Nick Kim

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