Videogame helps with losing weight?

I’ve already mentioned a couple of weeks ago, that it’s that time again. Time for dieting. Not exactly a new experience for me, but one that seems to haunt me time after time. I know, I know, all my own fault. And I know that it only works when you change your lifestyle, so that what I’m doing now once again is pretty futile. Yo-yo effect right? But in fact, it was a choice between losing some weight or buying myself a couple of sets of new clothes. And to be frank, I’d much rather spend that money on buying video games! Which got me thinking, are there games that might help?

One that immediately comes to mind is WiiFit, and it’s successor WiiU Fit. Some years ago, when the Wii was recently on the market I got busy with WiiFit enthusiastically. First of all, you had to complete your Mii profile. So not only your hair and eye colour are important, but you have to put your height, age and weight in. I was serious about this, that balance board would be my saviour in getting some exercise in and allowing me to loose pound after pound. (I won’t repeat the data I put in here, but let’s just say that now, after years of yoyo effect, I’d kill for the weight I was then.) After that your Mii walks in the exercise plaza….or should I say my Mii waddled in as Nintendo took the weight and height number very serious. What a shocker!

Wii Fit, weight loss, yoga trainerImmediately I wished I had cheated a little, either making myself taller or lighter….but maybe it was time I faced the facts. So I dutifully did a range of exercises. Next day too, and the next day. The third day I didn’t have much time to spare, and skipped a few of the activities. The fourth day I had social obligations, so I didn’t do anything. Soon I was down to meeting up with my female yoga trainer three times a week, telling myself that it was better this way, giving my muscles some rest in between. You can guess what happened next, right? I stopped training altogether. The same happened when I bought myself WiiU Fit with the pedometer. Which proves that even at my age one can be in denial a lot, lol.

I bet a lot of you who are reading this are still young, and hardly have any trouble maintaining your weight. If so, count your blessings. But I wonder, are there more gaming fanatics here who have tried to avoid going to the gym by training using a videogame? What game helped you? And did you succeed?

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  1. I used Dance Dance Revolution for a while. ( The at-home version. I would be far too embarrassed by my lousy performance to play it at an arcade!) But DDR has a lot of jumps on all but the most basic levels, and my joints can’t handle the jumping at all. So I couldn’t move to any higher level songs, and I eventually grew very tired of dancing to the same 4 songs everyday. I didn’t find the WiiFit dancing to be as fun as DDR.

    For easier cardio, though, I sometimes use the original WiiSports Tennis. (I’m terrible at the WiiU sports club Tennis! LOL) or the Sword Games on Wii Sports Resort. Quite a few of the Wii Sports Resort games can give you an easy, mild cardio workout.

    1. Oh, dancing, I hadn’t thought of that. That’s a good one too, fun and keeps you fit. That what I always liked about the Wii games like Wii Sport, the way they made sports fun. And available for the entire family. I still remember the footage of the Wii Sports bowling completion in the seniors home.i tried the boxing for some time too, that really get you tired!

  2. OOO this is a good article! I hear all the time that these games don’t work, but one of my friends used Dance Dane Revolution and she loved it. She began to lose her weight and by the end of my fourth year in high school, she was fit. It took over a year but she lost her weight in a healthy way. I think it can work if you stick to a schedule and mix up the game with other things like stretches and learning how to eat healthy. 🙂

  3. Sounds like the cycle people go through when joining a gym. They go a few times, but after a while they revert back to old habits.

    Using gaming to motivate someone to exercise is a good idea in theory. I would probably become a fitness freak if they tied exercise to RPG like leveling up. A traditional workout game would however bore me.

    1. Now that would be an excellent idea: it solves two problems. Getting fitter and you get to level up at the same time. Grinding for levels can be such a chore!

  4. Mornin’ Yvonne!
    Damn! I’m always learnin’ stuff from you! I never would of thot of using video games to lose weight, but I can see now that it would be lots more fun than going to a gym. I prefer riding my bike, but it’s winter here too and not an option. (Here in OH we got hit w/ a storm about a week before the East coast one. Now it’s their turn to clean up! For the next week/10 days the weather man says Conneaut temps will be in the hi 30s/low 40s) the reason I like to ride is because my body is pain free…well, I am having a bit of trouble w/ my rt knee, but I’m giving it daily massages and ice packs. Anyway, it’s back to walking. My line dancing is still on hold due to my knee. Somehow I just can’t imagine you being anything but fit and trim…that’s how I see you!! Thanks for sharing! I’m working on my next adventure. See you in Australia!!

  5. It’s not exactly a video game, but I sort of treat the data I get from my Fitbit Charge HR as such. Getting so many steps per day, getting my heart rate down. It’s like a game only the results are infinitely more depressing.

    1. Haha, yes, I used to keep an eye on the 3DS’s pedometer. Makes for a nice look at memories: we made the most steps ever on one day in Epcot at Disney World!

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