A knit pillow cat sits on a brown couch with a green pillow on one side and a orange one on the other. The words Viewfinder All Achievements sits overtop the image.

Viewfinder All Achievements

Viewfinder has 46 total achievements or trophies in it. If you are out there looking to 100% this amazing game, you might need some help with a couple of the more challenging of these. Here’s how to get every single achievement in Viewfinder.

If you are looking for our walkthroughs for Viewfinder, you can find them here.

Story Achievements:

There are a handful of trophies that players can’t complete the story without getting. Here are those eight:

  • Welcome Back! Return to the Hub
  • I’ve trained for this. Ride the train
  • Viewfinder Get the camera
  • I’ve had my fill(ter). Complete the picture frame levels in chapter 4
  • Under the illusion Complete the illusion levels in chapter 3
  • End of the line Ride the train to Chapter 5
  • Full shutdown Complete the ending
  • Viewfound Complete the game

Challenges for Taking Photos:

There are two achievements that require that players take a certain number of photos.

  • Professional Photographer Take 100 Photos
  • Amateur Photographer Take 25 Photos

Collectibles Achievements:

There are collectables in each of the first four chapters of Viewfinder. In the first chapter, players must collect rubber ducks; in Chapter 2, it’s magnets. Chapter 3 has several hidden Mahjong tiles, and then Chapter 4 has all nine planets (Pluto included!). Here’s how to collect all of those items.

Get Your Ducks in a Row

Find all the ducks in Chapter 1. There are four total.

A rubber duck rests on a step next to a door and several trees as a cloudy blue sky is overhead. A canvas sits to the left of it.
In Chapter 1, Level 2.3, players can find Ducky 1.
High brick walls sat on either side of a set of stairs. In front of this is a rubber duck on a bench.
Chapter 1, Level 4 Optional Level has Monduck, located in the brick photo.
A rubber duck sits on a bench near a small tree and a arched door.
Chapter 1, level 2.3. Look near where the photo is located.
In a cluttered art room, a rubber duck sits on a wooden side table.
The last duck is here, in Chapter 1, Level 3.2.

I stuck with it

Find all four of the magnets in Chapter 2.

A long padded bench takes up the whole wall of a small alcove; there is a pink star indicating a location.
Where the pink star is, the yellow banana magnet is hiding. This is Chapter 2, Level 1.2.
Two lawn chairs sit next to a white table. There is a cat in one of the chairs. The table has a book, a tea set, and a magnet that looks like an orange.
The orange magnet is on the table over by the battery in Chapter 2, Level 2.2.
A mango-shaped magnet sits on a white table with a plant and a coffee mug. The table sits overlooking a puzzle.
The mango magnet is located in Chapter 2, Level 3.2.
An apple-shaped magnet sits on a bench in front of a big pillar and some bushes.
The apple magnet is in Chapter 2, Level 4.1.

Picking up all the pieces

Find all the Mahjong tiles in Chapter 3; there are 7.

The first is found in Chapter 3, Level 1.1. Turn around immediately after starting the level to find it right behind you on the table.

A Mahjong tile lays on the grass of an 8-bit-style game.
In Chapter 3, Level 2.5, there is a Mahjong tile in the upper right-hand corner of the game photo, which is lying on a table in the level.
A carpet of purple grass sits against a teal sky. There are two benches at the edge of the balcony, one with a cat on it, and one with a Mahjong tile.
There is a Mahjong tile on the bench of Chapter 3, Level 3.2.
In a busy, plant-covered office, there is a tile on one of the bookshelves.
Chapter 3, Level 4.1 has a Mahjong tile on the bookshelf.
A yoga studio floats in the middle of a teal sky.
This arrow points to the Mahjong tile in Chapter 3, Level 5.1.
A pixelated video-game like waterfall is next to a cave with a treasure chest in it.
Chapter 3, Level 5.3 has a Mahjong tile inside this chest. To get to it, climb up into the room on top of the teleporter and grab the photo off of the table there.
A post card from stonehenge sits on a table.
Pick up this photo from Chapter 3, level 5.5 and place it. The tile will be along the top of one of the pillars of Stonehenge.

I didn’t planets for this to happen.

Find all nine planets in Chapter 4. And don’t anyone say that Pluto isn’t a planet!

A small round planet sits on the edge of a balcony's half wall.
Here is the first planet in Chapter 4, Level 1.1.
A painting sits on a table next to a hammer and a frame.
The next planet is inside the painting in Chapter 4, Level 2.2. Pick up the painting and point it directly at your feet.
An all-white room holds a red chair, a model, and a multicolored shelf with a planet on it.
Inside the painting in a room with a planet in it.
A lovely little sitting room has a planet on a table.
Chapter 4, Level 2.4 has a planet on the side table near the battery in the cage.
A star indicates where there is a planet resting on a balcony's wall behind some grass.
Chapter 4, Level 3.1 has the next planet on this ledge.
A little office has a collection of office furniture and a side table with a planet on it.
Earth is locate in Chapter 4, Level 5.1. Look underneath the starting room to find it.
A map sits on a bench surrounded by pink plants.
In Chapter 4, Level 6.4, there is a map. Pick it up.
A castle icon rests on a pedestal.
Point the map at your feet and fall onto it. In one corner is a blue castle icon. Pick it up.
An all blue room holds a white table with a planet on top of it.
There is a planet inside the castle icon on a small table by the door.
An office with pink grass growing out of the floor has a bookshelf with a planet on it.
Chapter 4, Level 6.6 has a planet on the bookshelves.
A living room has a small TV, a collection of living room furniture and a table with a planet on it.
There is a planet in this little sitting room in Chapter 4, Level 7.3.
A small nook holds a side table with a planet on it.
The last planet is here, in Chapter 4, Level 8.1.

Hashtag all filters

Collect all the camera filters. This has to be done in one save file.

A red machine has a picture with the colors altered, making the blue sky pink, and the greens into blues. It says color shift across the screen.
Filters can be changed at these filter machines.
  • ASCII Two Color – Find all magnets in Chapter 2
  • ASCII Outline – Find all planets in Chapter 4
  • Blueprint – Complete Chapter 4
  • Code – Unlock all other filters
  • Compressed – Finish Viewfinder
  • Cold – Finish Chapter 2, Level 4.1
  • Colour Shift – Find all ducks in Chapter
  • Dithered – Find all Mahjong tiles in Chapter 3
  • Greyscale – Default filter
  • Negative – Take 25 photos
  • Night Vision – Complete all illusion levels in Chapter 3
  • Noir – Find all collectables in all four chapters.
  • Painting – Complete Chapter 4, Level 3.1
  • Photocopied – Complete Chapter 4 Level 5.1
  • Rainbow – Complete Chapter 4 Level 4.1
  • Sepia – Have an army of 8 Dustins
  • Sketched – Complete Chapter 4, Level 8.1
  • Two Bit Dither – Use the Tomodatchi in Chapter 2, Level 2.3, until the flower is completely grown up and has summoned a bee.
  • Unfocused – Complete a level in 10 seconds
  • Warm – Complete Chapter 1 Level 4.1
  • Watermelon – Complete Chapter 4, Level 9.1

Do Something Weird Achievements:

There are a handful of achievements in Viewfinder that just require you to do something in any level.

There is a digital cat with the prompt "press E to pet" over top of him.
Pet that, Cait!
  • Battered by a Battery Drop a battery onto your head.
  • No Way Out! Break the only teleporter, oops!
  • No copycaits! Try duplicating Cait; try taking a photo of Cait. He won’t show up in any of the photos.
  • Caught in the Act! Place a photo while falling and land on it.
  • Pet the Cait Pet Cait. Walk up to that round cat boy, and give him a pat!
  • Bye, bye, Battery! Drop a battery off the level.
  • I didn’t realise they were optional Complete all the optional challenge levels.
  • Time traveller Rewind for at least 2 minutes without interruption.
  • Impeccable timing Complete a timed level with only a fraction of a second to spare.
  • Speed Demon Beat a level in less than 10 seconds! The best level for this is Chapter 3, Level 2.2, in my opinion.

Achievements that Require a Certain Level in Viewfinder


Complete the third level without touching the battery. In Chapter 1, Level 1.3, players need to put the second photo, one of the tables and chairs and palm trees, upside down over the charging plate. This will allow the battery to fall onto the plate without you touching it.

An upside-down photo is over a teleporter charging plate.
This should work.

Recursion excursion

Place the recursive photo 15 times. In Chapter 1, Level 2.3, players will find this recursive photo.

A room with a canvas and some trees is repeated several times.
Just put the same photo down 15 times.

Everything in its right place

Put the three paintings where they belong. This has to be done in Chapter 1, Level 3.1.

A room has a counter with many objects on it, three of those being little paintings of objects. A set of stairs leads up to a teleporter.
Pick up the three pictures here.
Each corner is a photo that is being lined up with the real life counterpart.
Line up each of the photos with a real-life item.

I fold

Put down both playing cards. These cards can be found in Chapter 2, Level 1.3. Look at the table near the three screens.

A couple of playing cards sit on a table next to a journal and some empty coffee mugs.
Pick these both up and place them anywhere.

I bee-t the game!

Grow the flower to attract a bee. This is in Chapter 2, Level 2.3. First, pick up the Tomodachi game, then place it.

Next to a computer on a desk, there is a pink Tomogachi looking game.
Pick the game up from the desk and place it.

Next, alternately hit the music, water, and sunlight buttons until the flower grows up.

A large pink Gameboy looking game has three buttons, one with a music note, one with a sun, and one with a water drop. The screen is a single color pixelated picture of a flower being shined on by a sun.
Keep alternately pressing them until the flower looks like this.

Once the flower is fully grown, just do the cycle of buttons again, and the bee should show up. This the bee you need to finish this achievement.

A large pink Gameboy looking game has three buttons, one with a music note, one with a sun, and one with a water drop. The screen is a single color pixelated picture of a flower that has a bee hovering over it.
The bee is here!

Fool me twice

Get tricked twice in Chapter 2, Level 2.1. First, let the battery fall into the hole, then place the photo with the battery over the hole. Then, line up the battery photo and break the battery sitting over the hole.

Battery of Batteries

Make the maximum possible number of batteries in the first camera level, which is Chapter 3, Level 1.1.

A massive pile of batteries sits on a teleporter's charge plate.
Take a photo of the battery, then put the copy next to the new battery. Take a photo of those two batteries, then place all four next to one another. Keep doing this until all five photos are gone.

Nope bridge

A floating island of a room contains a ringing phone. On the roof of this room is a living room setup, complete with side tables and a TV and a sofa.
Head to the roof of this little island here.

Break the cartoon rope bridge in Chapter 3, Level 2.2. Build a bridge over to the room with the ringing phone in it, then build a bridge up to the roof of that building. On top of the roof is a living room setup; there is a photo on the TV.

A cartoon bridge painting is overtop the screen of a TV.
Pick up the Photo that is over the screen of this TV.

Pick it up, place it, then take a photo and use the new photo to cut the bridge in half.

A black and white photo of the sky has been overlaid a rope bridge, which is now cut in half and dangling.
And that’s all for that rope bridge!


Make an army of Dustins. There are two levels players can do this in, but I think it is easier in Chapter 3, Level 2.3. When starting the level, head forward past the stairs going up and take the stairs going down. There is a Dustin that you can take photos of and keep replicating until you have a whole army of Dustins.

A whole bunch of Roomba-like vacuum robots are cleaning up all over the floor.
A whole army of Roombas!

Dustin? More like Dust-off!

Drop Dustin off the level. Pick up Dustin in Chapter 3, Level 2.3 and toss him off into the void.

You monster

Slice a Dustin with a photo in either Chapter 3, Level 2.3 or. Just cut that little robot in half!

Hitching a ride

A happy birthday card with balloons on it hangs on a cork board.
Pick this up, then place it under your feet.

In order to ride a balloon challenge, players will need to pick up the Happy Birthday card off of the corkboard in the office of Chapter 3, Level 3.2.

The Birthday card has replaced the floor, and I am now standing on a balloon.
And ride it up!

Place it on the floor under your feet, then stand on one of the balloons.

To reach new heights!

Get the jump power-up in Chapter 3, Level 2.5.

An arrow points to a table off in the distance.
There is a table over here with two photos on it.

Pick up the one to the left side of the table; it looks like a jumping level with a white box in the centre. This is the jump power-up. Walk through the white box to pick it up.

An Megaman-style jumping puzzle is in the center of the platform. It contains several surfaces and boxes to jump on with a white cube in the center of it.
Jump up there and get it!

Low orbit

Get multiple jump powerups in Chapter 3, Level 2.5. Do the same thing as above, but take some photos of the jump boost the copy it. Be wary, though; with enough of these jumping boosts, you can crash into the top of the skybox!

That’s something I can get behind!

Get behind the waterfall in Chapter 3, Level 5.3. Up above the teleporter is a little sitting room. There is a photo on the table there; pick it up.

A photo of an old-school video game level sits on a coffee table.
It looks a lot like another photo from another level, doesn’t it?

Place the photo so it is basically underneath your feet, then fall into it. Look for the waterfall’s base, then walk into it for a wonderful surprise.

A pixelated video-game like waterfall is next to a cave with a treasure chest in it.
Fall off of that bridge and into the base of the waterfall.

Liberate the Dustins!

Also, in Chapter 3, Level 5.3, you can release all the blueprint Dustins. Pick up the blueprints and place them to release the three blueprint Dustins!

Three blueprints for a Roomba-like machine sit on a table.
They are on a table to the left of the teleporter.

Scream Orchestra

Make a choir of screaming people in Chapter 4, Level 6.2.

A break in the wall shows a small sitting room hiding in a level.
Head into that little room with the posters, then pick up the painting The Scream.
A whole bunch of copies of The Scream by Edvard Munch scream in chorus.
Make more of these until you get the achievement.


Carve the melon in Chapter 4, Level 9.1 more than once.

A watermelon sits on a gray floor.
Use the photos to slice into the melon several times.

Green is not a creative colour

A screencap of a desktop sits on a table.
Pick this up and place it.

Draw using the green pencil. In Chapter 4, Level 6.6, look for a photo of an old-school computer desktop. After placing it, choose the color green and draw a picture on the MSPaint-looking window.

A floating MS Paint screen has a selection of several colors to draw with. A cat in a shark costume sits behind the draw Pad.
Just doodle anything in green.

Bark Code

A giant barcode rests on a table, and a prompt says you can pick it up.
The barcode is located here.

Go for a walk in the Barcode Forest in Chapter 5, Level 1.2. There is a barcode on one of the tables; pick it up, place it, and then walk around inside it.

The lines of a bar code have turned into a forest.
It’s kind of nice in here.

Breaking wind

Break the windmill inside the painting in Chapter 5, Level 2.3. There is a painting to the right of the starting spot, down the stairs, next to the photocopier. Use a photo to break the windmill.

A painting sits on a wall in a copy room.
Pick up the painting, place it, and then use another photo to break one of the windmills.

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