Viewfinder Walkthrough Part 1

This walkthrough of Viewfinder covers the first two chapters of the game, including all puzzles and both optional puzzles. There will be more parts in the future covering the rest of the levels, but these do not cover all the achievements for those levels.

Viewfinder All Puzzles Walkthrough Video

I created a YouTube video with chapters for each level; if you prefer watching the game instead of reading, check it out here:

Viewfinder Walkthrough: Chapter 1, Level 1

Chapter 1, Level 1.1

A messy office with a fallen over filing cabinet.
There is a gramophone on the desk in front of the entrance; interact with each gramophone to get more lore. These are little soundbites that are worth listening to.

Walk through the office, jump over the fallen filing cabinet, and go out into the courtyard. There will be a central island in the middle of the courtyard. Whichever bridge you choose to walk over will break, teaching you the rewind function. Rewind, then choose another bridge to walk over.

A courtyard with a central island, connected to the rest with wooden bridges.
The courtyard.

Pick up the photo in the central island, and use the buttons prompted on screen to hold the photo out in front of you. Place the photo, then walk into it. Interact with the teleporter.

The courtyard now has a section of black and white stones grafted into the middle of it, a teleporter in the center of the black and white section.
The teleporter.

Chapter 1, Level 1.2

A teleporter is powered off with a battery stand next to it. It has one battery on it, and one of the three lights is on.
Players need to fill up all the lights with one battery each, so this teleporter needs three batteries to work.

In order to power up the teleporter, players need to get three total batteries. One is already on the charger to start with. The second is to the player’s left when entering the level, on the floor.

A lone battery sits on the middle of a hardwood floor, floating in the middle of a cloudy blue sky.
Here’s the second battery.

The third battery is located inside of a photo; look to the right of where that second battery was. The photo is taped to a blank canvas in the corner of this room.

A black and white photo of the room you are standing in is taped to a blank canvas on an easel.
This photo contains the third battery.

Pick up the photo and place it, then walk into it.

A black and white photo of a room is overtop of the balcony next to the teleporter.
Place the photo and walk into it.

The battery should be immediately in front of the player.

A black and white battery sits in front of the player. Press E to pick it up.
Here’s the third one!

Pick it up with the interact button; place it on the charging platform for the teleporter, and this should turn the teleporter on. Interact with it to move to the next level.

The teleporter now has three batteries on the charging platform, filling up all three lights and turning the teleporter on.
It’s all powered up and ready to go.

Chapter 1, Level 1.3

A lone photo is taped to an empty canvas. The background is a cloudy sky with some distant towers floating in the sky around the balcony where the player stand.
Pick up the photo and rotate it.

Pick up the photo immediately in front of the entrance, then rotate it using the button prompts on the screen. Place the photo and walk inside.

The black and white photo has been turned into a 3-D space, cutting into the colorful background, making a door with a teleporter inside.
Walk inside; it’s totally safe.

Inside the photo, there is another photo taped to the blank canvas by the teleporter.

Next to the teleporter is a photo on a blank canvas.
Here’s where the battery is hiding.

Pick it up and rotate it 45 degrees until the floor is even.

A diamond-shaped black and white photo has been placed and made 3-D over a blue sky. The photo has trees, a little table and chairs, and a battery in the middle of the floor.
Rotate it until the floor is flat and walkable.

Walk inside the photo, then pick up the battery inside of it, put it on the teleporter’s charging platform, then interact with the teleporter. This will put players into the Chapter 1 hub. That is the completion of Chapter 1 Level 1.

Viewfinder Walkthrough: Chapter 1, Level 2

Walk up the stairs, then head to the right. The teleporter for chapter 1, level 2 is there.

A luxurious sitting room in reds and with comfortable low tables and pillows are covered with desserts. An easel with a canvas and some paints sits to the back left of the room. The back right of the room holds a teleporter to chapter 1, level 2.
Here’s level 2’s teleporter.

Chapter 1, Level 2.1

Upon entering this puzzle, there is a room to the right of the player. Walk inside, and there is a photo on a table inside.

A small table over a red rug holds a potted plant and a blank and white photo.
Pick up this photo. It’s of a bridge.

Take the photo and hold it up across the gap between the entrance and the floating platform to the right of it.

A black and white bridge covers a space between two colorful platforms.
Now you can walk across it.

Head across the bridge, then pick up the photo on the table to the player’s left. This photo is a picture of an empty arched door.

A black and white photo sits on a table with a brass tea set.
Pick this up.

Hold the photo up to the blocked entryway and place it.

A blocked doorway on the left, then the doorway is open on the right when the black and white photo is placed overtop of the blocked entryway.
Make yourself a new door.

Go inside the new door, and head to the right. Inside is a teleporter on a high platform.

A teleporter sits on a high platform, there is a room to the right.
Teleporter is to the left, table to the right of this screenshot.

To the right of the player, there is a table with a photo on the wall behind it.

A photo on a brass plate hung on the wall in a garden.
Pick up the photo here.

Use the photo to climb up to the teleporter.

A black and white photo of the side of a building has been turned to make a ramp up to the teleporter's platform.
Make your own stairs.

Chapter 1, Level 2.2

Three photos of skies are on a folding screen on the other side of a teleporter.
Pick up the three photos on the folding screen.

Players will start this level facing the teleporter. Turn around, then head to the left. Pick up the three photos on the folding screen. Angle one of the photos to cut open the cage that holds the first battery.

A photo of red sunset cuts a room in half.
Angle the photo so it cuts off some of the fencing, but doesn’t cut the battery in half.

Pick up the battery, and bring it to the teleporter. The third battery is inside the room with no doors; use another photo to cut into the room.

A photo of a sky has cut open a room with no windows or doors.
You only need to cut the corner to get in.

Pick up the battery inside the room. Bring it out to the teleporter, then use it.

Chapter 1, Level 2.3

Behind the player are some stairs; head down and grab the photo.

Down some stairs, a photo is taped to a canvas.
Go get that photo.

Line the photo up to get closer to the teleporter, but be careful not to break the teleporter by placing the image overtop of it.

A black and white photo sits in front of a floating platform with a teleporter on it.
Place it without breaking the teleporter beyond.

Keep picking up the photo in the photo and placing it until the simulation breaks. This will put players back outside the simulation; you will need to head into the hall and into the server room. Click all six buttons, then click them all back on again.

On the left, a room with six lit buttons, some red. On the right, the same room but all the lights are green.
Push the buttons off, then turn them back on.

Head back into the simulation. Complete the puzzle with the recursive photo.

Chapter 1, Level 2.4

Four pictures cut together. One shows a black and white sketch on a canvas. The next, a black and white balcony with a walk into a landscape painting with a gazebo. A doodle sits on a cartoon rock. A photo of a dungeon sits on a doodled table.
Pick up the drawings and walk into them until reaching the dungeon graphic.

Move through the paintings and drawings until getting to the dungeon.

A stone wall with a 16-bit look with a pull chain. A prompt urges players to press E to pull the chain.
Pull this to open the draw bridge.

Open the drawbridge by pulling on the chain. On the other side of the drawbridge is a photo of a teleporter. Take that to end Level 2.

Viewfinder Walkthrough: Chapter 1, Level 3

Level 3 is located on the opposite side of the hub from Level 1.

A teleporter sits near a set of stairs with a mini beach in front of it.
Here’s the terminal for Level 3.

Chapter 1, Level 3.1

Head inside, and pick up the photo from the canvas.

On one side of the room is a canvas with a photo taped to it, and on the other side is a photocopier.
Players need to pick up the photo and copy it once.

Players will need one copy and the original to have the two batteries to run the teleporter. Put the batteries on the charging platform, then head to the next section.

Chapter 1, Level 3.2

A large arrow points to a photo on a table.
Pick up this photo, then turn around.

Immediately in front of you will be a table with a photo. After picking it up, turn around; there will be a photo copier there. Players only need one copy, but they can make additional ones for safety.

An arrow points to a hidden photocopier behind some boxes and furniture.
This copier has five copies left in it.

Place the copy in a way that you can get from this platform to the next.

A black and white photo with different platforms at different angles. The black and white photo connects the platform you are standing on with the next one.
Put the first version of the photo in a position to walk from the platform you started on to the next one.

Take the second photo and line it up with the upper platform.

A photo platform lines up with an upper platform.
Line the upper platform with the teleporter.

Head to the teleporter to finish the level.

Viewfinder Walkthrough: Chapter 1, Level 4 Optional Puzzle Level

The optional puzzle terminal is located in the bathroom of the hub.

A large arrow points at a photo on a small side table in a floating living room.
Pick up the photo here.

The optional puzzle starts with a photo on the side table next to the couch. Players need to pick it up, then rotate it so the ivy is on the floor.

Over the living room is now a picture of an ivy-covered floor with grass on the right wall and circular windows on the left wall.
This is correct.

Place the photo then walk into it, falling off the edge where the ivy stops. There will be a table at the end of this photo with another photo on it.

A wooden table hold a photograph and a tea set.
Photo number 2.

Rotate the photo so the darker arch is walkable, then place it and walk into it.

Two arches stand next to each other, one in shade right side up and one in bright sunlight which is upside down.
This way!

Pick up the photo off of this table and rotate it until the paintbrush is on the floor and the table on the left wall.

A photo shows a square hallway with a sideways table on the left wall.
The paintbrush is a giveaway for the solution.

Walk in and take a right; there will be another photo on the table there. Pick it up and place it directly under your feet to fall into the teleporter. After being transported back to the hub, a trolley will appear; this can be used to get to the next hub.

A hanging trolley with the doors open.
Take the trolley to the next hub.

Viewfinder Walkthrough: Chapter 2, Level 1

After taking the hub, players will see a teleporter to the right along the outside wall. Go in for level 1.1.

Chapter 2, Level 1.1

After teleporting in, head to the right around the platform’s edge, and look for wooden walls. Head to the other side of it, then get the photo to line up on the other side.

Wooden walls with slats missing have a photo almost lined up to form a new photo of a Japanese style house.
If you line these up perfectly, you’ll hear the puzzle complete sound.

Once the photos are lined up, walk into the house.

A Japanese-style house with an open side; a photo split into pieces is on the back wall.
Head inside and to the left.

There will be another split photo on the back wall; walk through the house and to the left to exit it.

A photo of a cherry blossom tree is split into sections on a front wall and a wall behind it.
Line up the pieces to create a new photo.

Walk into the new photo, then turn right at the cherry blossom tree. Take a left at the end of the hallway and go up the stairs. Once on the balcony there, players will be able to line up the photo of the teleporter.

Standing on an ivy-covered balcony overlooking a broken picture of a teleporter.
Line this up so you can use it.

Head in and start the next section of this level.

Chapter 2, Level 1.2

Walk toward the desk with the black chair and pick up the photo on the desk of a sky.

A desk with a black chair sits against a white stucco wall with a plaid rug underneath. There is a large white arrow pointing to the desk where a small photo sits.
Pick up the photo here.

Place the photo so it interrupts both the fence and the wall on the opposite side of the room from the desk.

A gif of a room interrupted by a half wall and a fence running down the middle. It switches to a photo overlayed over part of the fence and covering the half wall.
Place the photo like this, so it destroys this wall and the grate.

Walk past the now disrupted gate, and look for the photo that can be lined up on the other side.

A broken up photo sits on signs.
Line up these photos.

Once this is lined up, there is another set of broken-up photos. If players did not break down the half wall in the last step, they would not be able to stand in the right place to line these photos up.

A new set of photo is broken up that shows a teleporter.
Fix the photo to get to the next step.

Chapter 2, Level 1.3

This level teaches the player about switches; players need to turn all three on to get the photo in the center to line up.

Four screens overlap with wires heading out from three of them. A switch in front of them is turned off.
There are three switches; players have to turn all three on to get to the next step.

The first switch is right in front of the player at the start of the level. The second is on the left side of this level, and the third is on the right side of the level.

The left side of this photo shows a switch on a wall, and the right side is a different switch on a different wall.
The other two switches are on opposite sides of the level.

Turn them all on, then line up the screen in the center of the level to finish.

Several screens almost line up to show a teleporter.
Line these up to get out of this level and onto the next.

Viewfinder Walkthrough: Chapter 2, Level 2

Once in the hub, continue around the outer circle to the right to come to the next teleporter.

Chapter 2, Level 2.1

A large, white arrow points to a set of stairs going down.
In the new level, players will need to head down these stairs.

If players head down the stairs, there will be a camera at the bottom. Take a photo with it, then bring the photo back up the stairs. Use the photo to get up on the platform.

A black and white set of stairs leads up to a platform in color.
The photo is of stairs, which makes getting up on the platform super easy.

Use the camera up on the platform to take a photo of the teleporter.

A camera is aimed at taking a photo of a teleporter which is sideways on the wall.
Take the photo of this teleporter.

Take the photo and rotate it until the teleporter is right side up and can be used.

Chapter 2, Level 2.2

There is a camera next to a teleporter, pointed out into the empty sky.
There is a stationary camera here.

With the stationary camera, take two photos. Use the first one to bridge the distance between the platform you are on and the platform to the right with a battery on it.

A black and white bridge connects the platform the player is standing on to a colorful platform with a battery on it.
Connect the platforms to get the battery.

Pick up the battery and bring it back to the camera. Use the second photo to create a platform in front of the camera for the battery to sit on.

A black and white bridge sits in front of a stationary camera.
Use the second photo like this, the look through the viewfinder of the camera to see where to put the battery to take a photo of it.

Set the battery within the view of the camera, then take a photo of it. This will make sure players have the two batteries they need to finish the level.

A black outline focuses a camera's view on a red battery sitting on a black and white platform.
Make sure the battery is in the view of the camera to make a copy of it.

Place the two batteries on the terminal and move to the next part of the level.

Chapter 2, Level 2.3

Head up the stairs and take a photo with the stationary camera.

A stationary camera has a black and white photo of a balcony sticking out of it.
Don’t take more than one photo; you need a photo remaining on this camera.

Use the photo to get to the second stationary camera.

A black and white balcony has broken down a wall between the player and and a standing camera.
Take one photo with the second camera.

The photo will be of the first camera; use it to place the first camera in the same place, but turned around to take a photo of the upside-down teleporter.

A black and white camera facing a teleporter sits in the middle of a chaotic photo.
Make sure the camera is facing the teleporter.

Use the newly-turned-around camera to take a photo of the teleporter. Turn the photo upside down, then use it to access the teleporter.

Viewfinder Walkthrough: Chapter 2, Level 3

Walk through the kitchen area of the hub to the next level’s teleporter.

Chapter 2, Level 3.1

A teleporter sits to the left, in front of a laundry line with some objects hanging off of it. One of these objects is a photo, being pointed to by a big arrow.
Pick up this photo.

After picking up the photo from the laundry line, turn around and head down the stairs on the other side of the glass-block wall.

A platform hold three pieces of the same photo on wooden stakes, and a hole in the floor sits behind them.
This is the view players come across down the stairs.

Cover the hole with the photo. Pick up the battery and move it out of the way before lining up the three pieces of photo, or else the new photo will cut up the battery and make it unusable.

A battery is floating in front of a black and white photo of a platform next to three pieces of a photo on wooden planks.
This will fill the hole for the other battery, so it doesn’t fall off the edge of the platform.
A photo of a floating battery is almost lined up.
Line the battery up and it will fall onto the platform players made before.

Pick up the batteries, and use them to power the teleporter to the next location.

Chapter 2, Level 3.2

A beautiful, plant-filled room has a set of stairs leading up into another level. There is a phone near the stairs.
Here’s the start of Level 3.

If players head up the stairs and then turn right, they will find a stationary camera. Use it to take one photo of the teleporter.

A stationary camera sits looking over the teleporter for this level.
Take just one photo!

Next, line up the photo of the battery in the starting area.

A photo of a battery with a different colored sky interrupts the room where the teleporter is located.
The battery platform breaks the teleporter, so make sure to take a photo of the working teleporter before doing this.

Take another photo of the teleporter area with the stationary camera from before, up the stairs. This will give players the second battery they need to power the teleporter photo they have.

Two batteries of different colors sit in front of a working teleporter in black and white.
Now you have two batteries and a working teleporter.

Power up the teleporter with the batteries and head back to the hub.

Viewfinder Walkthrough: Chapter 2, Level 4 Optional Challenge

Keep walking around the circle of the hub until the trolley is visible and there is a turtle table. There is another teleporter with an optional challenge in it.

Chapter 2, Level 4

A stationary camera faces a decorative wall with cutouts in it.
Take one photo with this camera.

Players just need to take one photo with this stationary camera; leave the second photo for later.

Line the photo up like this.
Standing up on the planters that sit up the stairs, line the photo up.

Head back up the stairs and stand on the planter located right at the top of those steps. Line the photo up like the screenshot above. This will make the teleporter, which is on the back of the decorative wall, able to be photographed.

A photo has popped out of the side of a camera that is of the back of a teleporter.
Now you have a photo of the teleporter to place.

Take this photo, then line it up so the teleporter is right-side up. Place the photo, walk into it, and use the teleporter to finish the level.

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