Best Vita game 2016

Vita Game of the Year 2016

Time to choose the Handheld Game of the Year, and today I am featuring games that were released for the PS Vita.

Although I am partial to Nintendo as a company, I can’t escape the fact that I have had so much enjoyment from this gem of a handheld device. A lot of my Game of the Month choices have been Vita games.

I can’t quite imagine gaming life without it anymore!


Games released both for the Vita and the PS4

Some games came exclusively to the little handheld, others were simultaneously released on the Vita and on PS4. Needless to say we are talking about the Vita version here.

But not having a PS4 I do wonder if the games as I experience them on the Vita are of the same quality of how the games can look on the big screen. Probably not, I should guess the big gaming companies like Square Enix pull out all the stop when they develop for the PS4. Still, I always marvel at how they can fit such big games (graphically) on such a small screen!

Poll for the Best Vita game of 2016.

Please select the game that stood out to you this year. In a couple of weeks I’ll announce the top 3 of best Vita games 2016. Have I missed a game you were very chuffed about? Then please add it to the list. Thanks in advance for participating!

And don’t forget to vote for your best mobile game as well. The poll for it is here. 


  1. Some pretty good games were on Vita this year! The majority of the games I wanted to play on that list are either also on 3DS or PS4, and that’s where I ended up playing them. If I had a Vita (only have a PlayStation TV), then I might have gone for the handheld versions since I like portable gaming. Glad to see that you get so much from the Vita!

    1. I was wondering if the versions on the PS4 are looking and playing much better then on the Vita. Although I’m mostly blown away already with the gameplay on the little handheld.
      But as you don’t own a Vita you won’t be able to compare either!

  2. The Vita may not be very well supported by Sony, but there have been no shortage of games for it. I’m heading out on holiday next week and I hope to complete two games on it: Zero Time Dilemma and Yomawari: Night Alone. I am excited for both!

    But I didn’t vote because I haven’t played all the games listed.

      1. I just didn’t want to vote because I hadn’t played the majority of those games. If I had, then I’d feel a little more informed in my choice. But I do love that there are so many choices!

  3. I voted for Digimon as it’s the one that I played primarily on the Vita. Others though that I played on my PS4 were also great: Dragon Quest Builders, both Atelier games, World of Final Fantasy. A good year for the Vita!

  4. Such an evil list! I still need to play more but Vita definitely didn’t dead, tho Sony acts like she is… Ugh.
    I’m super excited for 2017 on the Vita, since more games and some otome games are coming too! ✨

      1. Ooooh man, that’s hard! Hmm, I’m looking forward for the first installment of Zero Escape 999 to come to Vita at long last, and Danganronpa 3 ofc!
        I’m really stoked for the otome games announced by Aksys: bad apple wars; collar x malice; period cube; also Hakuoki Vita port getting announced yay!
        There’s a few games I wish had been announced to vita like Final Fantasy Type 0 and FInal fantasy 12 and 15, and Persona 5, but those are wishful thinking tbh xD
        I’m looking forward to more Trails series, I’ve heard good things about Trails in the Sky and Trails of Cold Steel, so I definitely wanna start them cause they’re releasing, plus they’re made by Falcom and I love the Ys series, which Ys Origins was announced as a port for Vita, which I’m excited for woo!
        Also Steins Gate sequel got announced, I have the first game to play through, so yaaasss
        Right now I can’t think of more, mostly because I’m still 5 meters below my backlog and need to play through them
        What about you? I’m curious

        1. Isn’t it funny that I haven’t played any of the series you mention? I do have Trails in the Sky, bought it for my retro PSP. The game package looks great, but it’s difficult to go back to the PSP when the Vita is so superior.
          I’m curious about Danganrompa. To what would you compare it? And the Ys series? Never played that either!
          I have Atelier Firis on my radar but that’s pretty much all for the Vita.

          1. Really?! Wow. I thought they were pretty well known, but then again I do like haunting gaming websites like Siliconera XD
            Ooooh! I’m curious what you’ll think of Trails in the Sky!
            Oh man yeah, this is why I want all PSP games to just get ported and refined to Vita, I’m super spoiled now
            You don’t know about Danganronpa?! Hmmmm! Do you know about Zero Escape/ 9 doors, 9 hours, 9 persons/virtue’s last reward series? Or maybe Ace Attorney/Phoenix Wright? It’s a mix of both. It doesn’t have horror, but it has mature content in the sense there’s deaths and trials to find out who killed one of the members of the group. If you like a good who did it, why they did it, etc, mystery with some flair, you might just like it. It’s a visual novel just like Ace attorney and Zero Escape, so it might be up your alley
            Loud gasps. You don’t know about the Ys series? It birthed the action RPG genre! They’ve since remaked the game a bunch of times, so you can find it for most platforms like PC, PSP, DS. They have Titles for Vita too, like Ys Celceta and now coming Ys Origins. I’m super fond of Ys 1 and 2, they’re my favorite because of the puzzles being super intertwined with the story and it has a bumping system, so I find it really fun hehe.
            I still haven’t played a single Atelier game aah :’D

            1. Well, to put it more correctly: I know off the games like Danganrompa and Ys, but I’m seriously bad at action fighting. I do much, much better in turn based fighting, which is why I never gave Ys a try.
              I did try the first Ace Attorney but couldn’t figure out the cases in the game. Might be me, but I can’t understand the logic. Which is saying something as a Spock fan! But the games do intrigue me.
              Would you say Danganrompa is better or just different?

              1. Ah, i see i see.
                Ys 1 and 2 aren’t reslly action fighging, there’s no moves or buttons in the fighgs, hence it being called bumping systen, you just direct him to enemies, he’ll bump and deal damage, so maybe you could try that one if you’re curious
                Really? You might be the first person I’ve heard say that, usually only later in the game cases have a bit of twisted logic. Which one did you try? If you want to get eased in Phoenix Wright is the one you should go for, the first one, and play them in order they came out because as more games come out the logic is more skewed haha
                Danganronpa is different, but there’s solving mysteries and also twisted logic 😛
                AA is the one that i like more, if i have to be honest, because the twists and things that happen isn’t something i wad expecting at all, with each game, and the stories really pull at your heart strings

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