Wanna chat Nintendo or App gaming?

If you have followed my blogs in the last couple of months you will have noticed that I can chat about all things gaming till the cows come home. Most of the time about Nintendo gaming, and app gaming has been a steady addition to my gaming fancies too since I got my iPad three years ago.

Gaming to me isn’t complete unless I can share it with other people, I love making contact with people who are equally passionate about it. And I think I can safely say that when you share that passion for gaming, borders of countries and age tend to fall away, and even though my blog is called A lady and Gaming, I have a lot of fun chatting with with my male gaming friends too!

Here on WordPress or on Tumblr you have the option to follow my blog, but if you don’t want to take that route, I have an easier way: find me on Facebook! I have made my own Facebook Page to chat on, so you can find me here:

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