lucina mask, miitomo

Want to look like Lucina?

Nintendo is really chuffed about their success of the retweet event last week. They dared the fans had one day to retweet the tweet below 10.000 times. The event only took minutes to complete! All Fire Emblem Heroes gamers got their 10.000 free hero feathers, but it seems there’s another goodie to be had!

If, like me, you are still using Miitomo you will find a new reward waiting for you in the app. A free Lucina mask will be yours, so you can look a little more like Lucina like the way she looks in Fire Emblem Awakening.  To claim it, you must log in and get it from your gift box by March 3, 2017.

And it doesn’t stop there: in the MiiTomo drop you can now try and score some Fire Emblem things. Like Veronica’s Outfit, Veronica’s Wig, a Fire Emblem Heroes logo tee, and an Order of Heroes tee.

Is it weird that these kind of things make me smile?


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