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The Weekend is Here!

Weekends are very busy for me, but I do enjoy taking breaks from work in order to play a game or two, and so I thought I’d share my gaming plans with you.

This weekend, I plan to play Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. The original Donkey Kong is a classic retro game which I hope to write about next week, and Tropical Freeze was released last week, a game which I’m hoping to write a review about very soon.

My initial impressions of Tropical Freeze are very positive, but my review may still be a while off due to the challenge the game presents. I’ve yet to try funky mode but maybe that’s something else I can do this weekend.  If at all possible, I may try to enjoy a number of NES Classic Mini games in short bursts too.

Those are my gaming plans but I also want to know about yours? Please feel free to share in the comments section below. Everyone at the site wishes you a good and peaceful weekend.

Wii U Pro-controller compatible with 8bitdo

Donkey Kong NES

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Screenshot

PS4 controller compatible with 8bitdo


  1. It’ll be good to see your review for Donkey Kong!
    I’ve been dragged back into my adventure at Breath of the Wild. I was happily levelling up in Final Fantasy X when a friend mentioned what she was doing in BOTW. And just like that, I was back. Making recipes and gathering resources to make even more. That’s what an amazing game does!

  2. I’ve had a mix of a weekend gaming with some Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 and Dishonored as well as dipping in and out of a couple of picross games. I’d love to see your review of Donkey Kong.

      1. I’ve been enjoying it, there are lots of different areas and missions within them. I’m at the usual bit of Lego games now trying to finish all side quests, get all the characters and gold bricks so it is still feeling big as I still have lots to complete. They have challenges in this one which also reward things. The missions are enjoyable, the Gwenpool missions take a while to open up unless you know what side missions you have to complete to unlock them first. I like the mix of characters you can plays as.

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