What is Maxima to World of Final Fantasy

Pretty soon the remake of World of Final Fantasy will be released on the Switch (and PS4, Xbox and PC). World of Final Fantasy Maxima HD will hit the shelves on November 6.

I have made my love of the game clear in this review for the original (Review World of Final Fantasy) and thanks to 4Gamer and Siliconera, who translated it to English, we now have more info on what exactly the Maxima addition is.

New Mirages have been added to Maxima, especially those from older games. These include Yojimbo from FFX and Syldra from FFV, a new Avatar Change System is in place and a fishing mini game with Noctis.

Avatar Change System

Lann and Reynn will get to transform into legacy Final Fantasy characters in a way different to how characters were summoned previously. When transformed into characters, they will get boosts depending on who they’ve transformed into, they can use skills from the various games, and the BGM will turn into that from the original game for the transformed character.

For example, Cloud can use the Cross Slash, while Noctis’ Warp-strike uses particle effects that make it similar to the original. These attacks’ effects will also reference the original game.

Fishing mini game with Noctis

Players need to time button presses when the buttons appear above Noctis, Lann, and Reynn’s heads to catch fish as time runs down. Each fish caught adds one second to the clock.

If you already own the game on PS4 or PC, you can upgrade it with DLC. Vita owners are (once again) out of luck. No DLC available there.



  1. I’m hoping that it includes the previous DLC characters and mirages, also I’m wondering if pre-order ones like the Red Bonnetberry will be in it.

      1. I got it and it does have the DLC Mirages including the Day One Edition ones. I’ll have to play further to see if it includes the free limited time DLC Champions but it probably does.

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