What Nintendo apps would you like on your phone?

More then a year ago I penned down this article, brainstorming about Nintendo apps and their possibilities. Remember, this was before Nintendo announced their alliance with DeNA! It doesn’t seem to be so far off here, check the last bullet. With MiiTomo that’s pretty much what Nintendo is doing! Anyway, maybe a nice read 14 months down the line!

Yesterday I read an interesting article on Nintendolife. In their Talking Point they talked about whether or not Nintendo should release their own Nintendo mobile, Nintendo apps and games included of course. Now I don’t want to talk about whether or not that’s a good idea, enough has been said in reaction to the article already. (If you want to read it, here’s the link: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2014/12/talking_point_the_time_is_right_for_a_nintendo_phone)

Let’s presume that it’s all rumor and won’t really happen. But it did get me thinking: why wouldn’t Nintendo develop apps that link your mobile phone to your 3Ds or even, your WiiU? They would have to make apps for current users of Nintendo devices, and apps for people that don’t own a nintendo device, but could in future be Nintendo converts. Several possibilities come to mind:

  • apps that could be used as baits for future Nintendo buyers. Little peeks at what goodness they could find in gaming,
  • maybe they should use the wealth that they own in the Virtual Console backlog catalogue to put out there on Android or iPhone. Put on the first sequence of a game, and then require a Nintendo ID to play more?
  • for current nintendo fans the choice of apps is myriad.Pokewalker, pokemon, app, SoulSilver, HeartGold Remember the Pokewalker that came with Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver? How much fun would it be when you could upload one of your Pokémon into the app, and take him with you to train him while you walk around with your phone?
  • staying with the Pokémon games, I can see the Pokémon Bank as an app. Not sure what you’d do with it on the go, but just the thought of having them all with you; maybe you could use it to trade Pokémon with friends?
  • They could make the eShop into an app too. Check out new games or buy new downloads on the go, and when you get home: voila, your games are waiting for you in your device.
  • and why not pick up Streetpass hits on your iPhone, and then when you get home, you can transfer them to your MiiPlaza!
  • And then there’s the MiiVerse. Such a wealth of possibilities to make their own version of Facebook or Twitter. It would be fun to always be connected to your 3Ds or WiiU friends everywhere you go!MiiVerse, social platform, messages, 3ds

See, enough ways to extend the Nintendo influence on your mobile without Nintendo having to use their own mobile phone or to sell their games as apps. Because although stockholders may want to see Mario games turn into an app game, I just don’t think it would benefit the company in the long run. I think Nintendo will have a good future anyway! (See blog www.ladiesgamers.com/2014/07/25/nintendos-future/)

What kind of apps would you like to see? Which games could use an extension in an app?


  1. I am wondering if the fact that they discontinued the Animal Crossing Plaza on the Wii U, are they planning on putting something similar out there as an app? I would definitely be downloading that app.

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