What?? No Disney Magical World at Orlando's Disney World?

As I mentioned earlier, we visited Orlando and Disney World in August. As a 3DS fanatic I bring my handhelds with me everywhere, trying to get as much Streetpass hits as I can, and I was not disappointed this time. No relay points, but a good harvest of green lights from all kinds of countries nonetheless. Always makes my day. One of the games that I was collecting Streetpasses on was Disney Magical World. Not released yet in Europe, so this was my chance to have some visitors.

We love browsing the stores in the Disney Theme Parks and the huge stores in Downtown Disney. Even when you don’t want to go home loaded with bags full of stuff with Mickey ears on it, it’s always fun to see what they have. It is after all the happiest place in earth ( though in all honesty I saw some parents being pretty exasperated in the stores telling their kids ‘no’ over and over again when they wanted yet another trinket).

I had fully expected to find the 3DS game Disney Magical World in the stores, or at least in the World of Toys in Downtown Disney. To my surprise I couldn’t find it at all! I asked one of the Disney people if they had it, and was told that Disney didn’t want to promote that kind of toys, they wanted kids to focus on toys that they could actually play with. She did answer me very friendly though, happiest place on earth, remember!

It surprised me. I can respect that point if view, it is indeed important to have kids play with toys other then their handhelds or mobiles. But what I don’t understand is, then why make the game at all? And on top of that, they did sell the figurines of Disney’s Infinity! Felt a bit…inconsistent to me. To say the least!

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