What was your first Pokémon adventure?

As I wrote last week I was lucky enough to play the special ORAS demo and catching sassy natured Glalie at the end of it with a Glalitite megastone (Ugly thing isn’t it? I’ve always been more partial to the more beautiful Pokémon myself) that I can transfer to my full game later. It’s a good one at level 40 because it comes equipped with Ice Fang. Now I’ve always hated Ice Fang because I’ve always battled with dragons at my side, and they are very vulnerable to Ice Fang…maybe I’ll be the one doing the damage this time!
Most of you will have known Pokémon since youth, maybe you have grown up looking at the TV show and checking out the games on your GameBoy. My first adventures took place in the region of Sinnoh in Platinum, the follow up game for Diamond and Pearl, and it’s one of the games I played to the bittersweet end. Loved it, mostly because I got to share it with my gaming (lady) friends. We had a shared excel spread sheet of Pokémon we had caught, breeded them in the Daycare centers using a Ditto so we could exchange and we even made sure we had all the special berries. Good times! At the time my daughter was 10 years old, and I still remember fondly that she was mortified when she brought some classmates over after school, and I asked one of the boys which starter Pokémon he had chosen. I guess kids don’t like it when their mothers play Pokémon, though the boys thought I was a cool mum!

Of course as a blogger I keep an eye on what my readers like to read and how much attention there is to a topic. And I noticed that after all these years, Pokémon still is a hot topic. Did you know that it’s the second most successful gaming franchise, after Super Mario, and that includes the television series, the card game and of course, the video games. And they have been hugely popular since the first release of the game since the first release in Japan in 1997. So I decided it would be fun to do this little poll, to see which first time Pokémon experience most readers have. It wasn’t until making this list of games that I realized that I hadn’t been entirely accurate in my earlier blog I had been in Hoenn before! I bought Emerald years before and played the GameBoy Advance game on my DS Lite! No wonder my starter Pokémon Blaziken seemed so familiar! Anyway, let me know what your first Pokémon adventure was!

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