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What’s New in Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0

Animal Crossing New Horizons was due to update to the free version 2.0 on the 5th of November but Nintendo surprised everyone by releasing the update a day early. Yipee!

This update will see the long-awaited arrival of Brewster and his coffee shop The Roost, Katrina, Tortimer, Harriet, Wardell, Cooking and much more. If you purchased the Happy Home Paradise DLC, we have a guide for it which can be found here. 

Here at LadiesGamers we’ve had a chance to look at the update and thought we would put together a guide to help you out and make sure you have found all the things included in the update.

Animal Crossing New Horizon LadiesGamers
Isabelle has much to say

Animal Crossing 2.0

After your game has been updated, Isabelle has a few new things to mention in her message. Once Isabelle has finished her speech, head to the Island services in the Townhall. When you speak to Isabelle at the counter you can set Ordinances. 

When you pick the Ordinances from the menu, a choice of four pops up. Ordinances are similar to rules and they do a few different things depending on which one you pick for your playstyle. Enacting or changing the current Island Ordinance requires a fee of 20,000 Bells each time. These are the four options you can choose from:

Beautiful Island: Islanders will pitch in with weeding, watering flowers, and clearing trash from our waters.
Early Bird Island: Ask islanders to be more active in the morning and businesses to open earlier.
Night Owl Island: Boost nightlife by asking islanders to stay up later. Island businesses also extend their hours.
Bell Boom Island: This increases the cost of goods on the islands. It also increases the amount you get from selling items.

Talk  to Nook

Nook also has a few upgrades to tell you about. The most major one is a boost to the maximum storage. For an upfront fee of 700,000 Bells, you can upgrade the home storage. Nook also has a few new designs to change the outside appearance of your house for free.

Animal Crossing New Horizon LadiesGamers’s

Nook Stop

Check out the Nook Stop Multimedia Terminal in the Townhall and you’ll find some new items to buy with Nook Miles tickets. 

  • Island Life 101 Services, Costs 400 Nook Miles: Installs an app on your phone for helpful hints and advice for island living. Check the app every day for helpful hints to make the most out of island life.
  • Be A Chef! DIY Recipes+, Costs 2,000 Nook Miles. Installs Cooking recipes to your DIY app on the phone. Allowing you to craft food and drinks with Cooking Recipes in a kitchen. You’ll find crops on the island that Kapp’n takes you to or at Leif’s stall.
  • Pro Camera App, Costs 1,500 Nook Miles: Updates the Camera app on your phone. Add Tripod and Handheld mode. Handheld mode allows you to take close up photos. Tripod mode holds the camera in one spot at eye level letting you move around to find the right angle for the shot you want.   
  • Custom Design Patterns+, Costs 1,800 Nook Miles: You can now use patterns with the Custom Design App, including Sable’s handmade patterns. Press + to access the Patterns Page in the Custom Designs app.
  • Pro Decorating Licence, Costs 2,500 Nook Miles: This allows you to add Accent Walls and Ceiling items in your house. 
  • Custom Fencing in a Flash, Costs 2,500 Nook Miles: This allows you to change the colour of some of the Fences on the workbench. 
  • New Reaction NoteBook, Costs 3,300 Nook Mikes: Add 10 new Reactions for your character to perform.  Double wave, Stretch, Jammin, Listening Ears, Say Cheese, Behold, Eager, Flex, Work It, Act natural, Hula. 
  • Top 4 Fab Hairstyles, Cost 1,200 Nook Miles: Add new Hairstyles, which you can access at any Vanity unit or Mirror. 
  • New Furniture Added, Costs various Nook Miles: Added in new outdoor furniture to buy to spruce up your island paradise even more.
Animal Crossing New Horizon LadiesGamers
Lots of new items added

Nook’s Cranny

The next stop is Nook’s Cranny shop to check the cabinet, to see what treasure awaits there. When you look in the cabinet in the shop scroll down and you will find New recipes, Basic Cooking Recipes. Basic Cooking Recipes costs 4,980 Bells to purchase and adds more recipes to your DIY app on the phone.

Animal Crossing New Horizon LadiesGamers
Pro camera upgrade

Below the basic cooking recipes in the cabinet is a new recipe for a Ladder Set-up Kit. The recipe costs 2,000 Bells to purchase and adds a new recipe to the DIY app. This recipe allows you to craft a longer ladder that you can attach permanently to cliffs and also means you don’t have to carry ladders in your pockets.

Animal Crossing New Horizon LadiesGamers
Exercise Time.

Another feature added in the update is a cassette player sitting, on the ground outside the Resident Services. If you interact with it a group exercise session takes place on the island Plaza. This involves a few of your islanders and you have to follow the on-screen button prompts to take part. Give it a try it’s fun!

Visit the Museum and the Pier

Next stop: the Museum to have a chat with Blathers. Blathers wants to expand the Museum and is looking for an old friend, Brewster. Hmm, I wonder where Brewster is?

The next stop is the Pier, when you arrive at the pier you’ll find Kapp’n in his boat. For a one of fee of 1,000 Nook Miles Kapp’n will take you to a Rare Treasure Isand. 

Animal Crossing New Horizon LadiesGamers
Check the cabinet

Rare Treasure Island

You can take a trip to a Rare Treasure Island once a day. On the first trip, you go on, once you arrive on the island and have a walk around you will meet Brewster. Upon talking to Brewster he agrees to come to your island and set up a coffee shop. Brewster also introduces you to Gyroids. Plant Gyroid Fragments in the ground and water them, it will grow strong and the following day you’ll have a Gyroid. 

When you return by boat back to your island and talk to Blathers in the Museum, he is delighted to hear that Brewster will open his café. The Museum will close for one day to allow the café to be built.

acnh LadiesGamers
Kapp’n and his boat

Visit Harvey’s Island

Head to the airport and make your way to Harvey’s Island. Harvey’s Island has had a makeover and is now so much bigger than it was. You are introduced to Harriet, the hairdresser. Once you have spent some Bells Harvey island it will transform into a shopping plaza.

There are 8 little Lloids dotted around the grassy area on Harvey island. Each one requires a donation of 100,000 Bells to build a shop or stall. After you’ve donated to one shop and it’s up the next day, only then Harriet will offer you her makeover services!

You can only make one donation a day to the Lloids, but eventually, you’ll have a host of shops on Harvey’s Island Plaza.

Shampoodle (Harriet’s hair salon)
Kicks (shoes, bags, and socks)
Redd (paintings and sculptures)
Leif (bushes and crop starts)
Re-tail (Reese and Cyrus’ customization shop)
Katrina’s fortune shop.
Tortimer (storage access from the plaza)
Sahara (rugs and wallpapers)

Have Fun!

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