When positivity just doesn’t work

Have you ever had such a day?

Surely you know I’m all for positivity. Negativity just drains your energy, and what’s more, it doesn’t help at all. But I think you will all recognize that some days just aren’t meant to be. You know it shortly after you get out of bed, that this just isn’t going to be your day. Small everyday things that annoy you from the moment you open your eyes. The dog that wants out immediately, pronto. The tube of toothpaste that refuses to cooperate to get the last bit squeezed out. The stain in your jacket that you could have sworn wasn’t there yesterday when you laid it out. Not much choice for breakfast as you’re all out of bread. The children arguing about the use of the bathroom (fictional, as I only have one child!) It’s the day that everyone and everything seems to work against you, trying it’s hardest to make it as annoying as possible.

Today was such a day for me. I don’t normally spend a lot of time with my hair and makeup, but I had a “to-do” at work late in the afternoon, so I thought that I’d spend a bit more time looking my best. So I blow-dried my hair, shaping and styling until I was satisfied. I even got out of bed earlier to do that! After I stepped off my bike at the railway station I looked in the mirror to see that it had all been in vain. My hair was back to its usual straight and shapeless self.image

The day at work was energy draining. There is some restructuring taking place, yet again. It seems that within the larger companies that is an ongoing process these days. The certainty that you will still have a job next year seems a thing of the past, and what’s more: the uncertainty people face doesn’t make for much positivity on the work floor. I find it very hard not to get sucked into it, and it doesn’t make the day to day work any more fun to do.

The commute on the train home was no fun either. Normally I like it, it’s Mii-time that I get to spend playing on my 3DS. But this time travelling back home the trains were seriously delayed. Like a big cloud of locusts every commuter tried his best to get in the train and find an empty seat. No way was I going to get into the pushing and shoving masses, and in a way I was lucky to get in the train at all. No seat in sight of course, so I ended up standing for an hour travelling back to my home town.image

The to-do we had at work was nice enough, but it was getting late and I was seriously hungry. Not a good combination with an hours’ train ride ahead and some biking to do. Getting home I was tired, hungry, fed up with work and even a bit down. But it seemed like my annoying day ended there: my husband had saved some dinner for me, and all I had to do was sit down, goof it down and enjoy a good cup of coffee together while enjoying our favorite tv-show. Good to be home…image


  1. I hate those days, when everything that can go wrong seems to, and even some things you hadn’t previously considered. I seem to be having more and more of them myself. It’s great to be able to find light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. Frank to the rescue! What a yucky, dragging day – must’ve seemed like it would never end. :-/ It’s always nice when you have smiling or welcoming faces awaiting you at home..because, let’s face it: that’s not the case for everyone! Which makes it even worse, of course.

    I’ve often said, too, that a kind word or gesture, or the wrong one, can make or break a person’s day – or at least set the tone for it. Some days it seems the stars are aligned, and you feel nothing but goodwill toward your fellow man. Others, it feels like everyone is against you, and each person I encounter rubs me the wrong way. I guess that’s the spice of life lol. 😛

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