Whip! Whip! Review

Game: Whip! Whip!
System: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: Alpha-unit
Developer: Alpha-unit
Price: £7.99/€7,99/$9.99

(Review Copy kindly provided by Alpha-unit)

I love retro style games and ‘Whip! Whip!’ is a wonderful title that breath’s new life into a long-neglected video game genre.

Storyline and Gameplay

Whip! Whip! is an 8-bit style single screen platformer that looks and plays similar to classic titles like Bubble Bobble and Rodland. The games’ protagonist is Tira, whose task is to explore various ruins in order to discover the recipe of an ancient dessert.

At the start of Tira’s journey, the player is introduced to Minton, a mitten shaped golem that aids Tira in her quest.  Minton is attached to a spring, which when thrown grabs an enemy and enables Tira to attack.   Tira’s attacks are so powerful that she’s capable of defeating hordes of enemies at any one time.

The main game contains 100 stages in total, which are spread throughout 10 areas/ruins, and the goal of each stage is to defeat every onscreen enemy, after which Tira will progress to the next.  In order to obtain a higher score,  gamers must collect the numerous edible goodies left behind by defeated foes.   Successful Multiple attacks also result in lettered balloons appearing on-screen, which if obtained spells the word ‘expand’, and boosts Tira’s energy.  There are also power-up items that enhance both Tira and Minton’s speed and attacking abilities, as well as freezeing on-screen opponents for a short time.

As an extra bonus for those who complete the main game,  there’s also an additional challenge mode for more serious players.


Whip! Whip! also contains a 2 Player Co-Op mode which is great fun to play.  If played with a second player, Tira is joined by Macaro who has all of Tira’s abilities.  2 Player Co-Op plays exactly the same as 1 player mode, with the added addition that  surviving players can revive a fallen comrade.  In terms of controllers, the game supports split joy-con play, as well as Nintendo’s Pro Controller and other compatible USB and bluetooth wireless controllers.

In-game Options

Whip Whip boasts a great option section which can be used to make changes to its default settings.  The options menu allows gamers to alter Tira and Macaro’s health, their speed of movement, as well as the speed, distance and size of their golem sidekicks.  With such options available, this enables gamers to challenge themselves and mix up  gameplay according to their skill levels.

Visuals, Sound and Controls

The game looks retro, sounds retro, and plays like a retro game.   I particularly like its retro 2 button control method.  The Switch thumbstick controls player movement and button A fires Minton in line with the thumbsticks direction, button B acts as a simple jump button.  If prefered, buttons X and Y can be used instead of A and B.


I like Whip! Whip! a lot.  If you’re a retro gamer that loves classic platformers like Bubble Bobble then Whip! Whip! is a must buy purchase.  Also, if there are others who are willing to play with you, then that will add a whole new level of fun to the experience.

I like it a lot!


  1. This game is in my Watch List, it really appeals to me and I’d like to buy it at some point, but it’s now another game removed from the UK eShop, it’s still available in Japan…

    I don’t know why this keeps happening and I had no real answer when I asked Nintendo why RXN Raijin was removed from the UK Store,(it’s still not for sale in the UK), maybe you guys could find something out?

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