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Wholesome Gaming Round-Up April 19th, 2024

Welcome to our Weekly Wholesome Gaming Round-Up. This is the last chance to take our survey to kick off our 10-year anniversary for LadiesGamers, as it will close after this weekend! This week, we have news about:

Digital avatar representing a woman with shoulder-length brown hair and bangs, holding a green mug with steam rising from it. She is smiling and wearing an orange top. The style is a colorful, simplified caricature. Published on: LadiesGamersCozy Caravan has a walkthrough video, Potionomics is announced for Autumn, and otome 9 R.I.P is coming to Switch, but there is no age rating yet. There’s a release date on Switch for Bread & Fred, Sweet Transit is coming out of Early Access, and there’s a great soundtrack for Millennia. You can now pre-order otome Cupid Parasite: Sweet and Spicy Darling. Fabledom is leaving Early Access, and you can soon dive into Endless Ocean Luminous. 

Cozy Caravan Developers Walkthrough Video Revealed

Indie game developers 5 Lives Studios have shared a glimpse of Cozy Caravan, their charming upcoming wholesome game featuring adorable characters journeying between towns to spread joy.

In Cozy Caravan, you’ll craft your character Bubba and hit the open road with your trusty caravan led by Digby the Bee. Explore a delightful world filled with crafting, trading, and exploration, all while setting up markets along your journey.

Engage in mini-games to craft items, then trade with locals at your market stops. Experience the warmth of small-town hospitality as you meet a variety of anthropomorphic characters with their own stories and quests, fostering a sense of community along the way. Take a moment to greet the friendly townsfolk and join in on activities. And keep an eye out for those in need of a helping hand!

Cozy Caravan is set to hit Steam Early Access this Spring; the developers’ walkthrough video gives us a peek at character creation, meeting locals and companions, cooking, and helping villagers along the way. It all looks so cute!

Potionomics Announced for Autumn

Marvelous Europe has announced that Potiononomics: Masterwork Edition is coming to Switch, PS5 and Xbox series X|S with new content, features and surprises in Autumn 2024. Building on the success of the 2022 PC release on Steam, the game will bubble up on consoles with all the post-launch updates and improvements released to date, plus new voice acting, a fresh Endless gameplay mode, additional difficulty levels, and more.

The art of Potionomics begins with perfecting your potion-brewing craft and building your deck of haggling cards to help you make the most of each sale. To succeed in Rafta’s lively economy, you’ll need to get to know the colourful residents who will help you collect new recipes, elite ingredients, and even all-new cards for your deck. Whether it’s your first day on the job or you’re a sorcerer’s salesman, the magic of capitalism has never been more alive than in Potionomics: Masterwork Edition. Negotiations can be tense when every coin counts, but you’ll manage Sylvia’s stress with ease by playing your cards right. Develop friendships with adventurers and other shopkeepers on Rafta to learn even more advanced negotiation tactics. Choose the best ingredients to make even basic potions extraordinary, perfecting the taste and aroma to please your pickiest customers. But beware, if you aren’t careful, you’ll get some pretty gross results.

Rafta, home to some of the world’s most potent magic, is packed with big RPG personalities, each seeking a leg up in their adventures. Befriend and recruit them to help you level up your own potion game, but don’t expect everyone to be friendly… Make your shop really pop with customizable decor. Style points aren’t the only perk; decorating your shop just right can improve your prices, make better quality potions, and more!

A screenshot from the game Potionomics, showing a colorful, detailed customization menu for wallpapers. In the backdrop, the in-game environment displays an alchemist's shop with a variety of magical items and potions on shelves and tables. A character with red hair is standing near the counter, while various elements of fantastical architecture surround the scene. The interface elements include a currency counter at the top right, with the player's gold amounting to 4,368, and a menu on the left side showing different wallpaper options. A small speech bubble with a character icon indicates a 0% satisfaction or progress level. Published on: LadiesGamers.

9 R.I.P Coming to Switch

The supernatural otome visual novel, 9 R.I.P will launch physically and digitally on Nintendo Switch in 2024 ( no age rating yet). Fans will get swept away as Japanese urban legends, ghosts, demons, and spirits all come to life in this unique tale of horror and romance.

Struggling with the burdens of life and questions about the future, you crave an escape. You’ve heard about prowling ghosts and people disappearing to places mysterious, strange, and maybe even a little scary. That’s when fate offers you a hand. Will you take the chance and step into the unknown? You get to explore eight romance options in this horror meets romance Otome game with environments and character designs from the character artist behind Cupid Parasite, Yuuya.

9 R.I.P. will be getting a Limited Edition, offered exclusively through the IFI NA and European Online Stores. The contents of the Limited Edition, as well as the preorder date, will be revealed at a later time. Those who purchase either the Standard Edition or Limited Edition at the IFI Online Stores will also receive an EXCLUSIVE trading card!

A dramatic artwork from the game 9 R.I.P. features two anime-style characters in a tense moment. The character in the foreground has black hair with a red streak and looks alarmed, with blue eyes wide and sweat on the brow, dressed in a school uniform with a red bow tie. Behind this character, a figure with a malicious gaze, also with black hair but with red undertones, seems to be grasping the first character protectively or threateningly. Red and blue hues dominate the scene, suggesting danger or supernatural elements, with a katana sword partially visible, adding to the intensity of the scene. Published on: LadiesGamers.

Release date Switch for Bread & Fred

Bread & Fred, the co-op platformer developed by Sand Castles Studio and published by Apogee Entertainment, is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 23rd, 2024. This also marks Bread & Fred’s one-year launch anniversary, and back then, James reviewed the game on Steam. As you can read in his verdict, it’s not a cuddly co-op and quite the challenge. Single-player was a frustrating playtime for him, and he recommends you make sure your gaming friendship is strong enough for this obstacle-filled platforming adventure. If so, you can now take the hilarious highs and face-planting lows of Bread & Fred on the go. Jump, cling, and swing across treacherous peaks and moving platforms. Race against the clock in 10 new time-trial challenges against Pol the Polar Bear, the mountaintop’s newest, ice-veined competitor.

Bread & Fred LadiesGamers

Sweet Transit Out of Early Access

Ernestas Norvaišas and Team17 Digital have today announced that strategic city builder Sweet Transit will launch out of Steam Early Access on 22nd April. Also arriving on the Epic Games Store on the same day, Sweet Transit combines system automation, city building, and the potential for players to craft an intricate and crucial rail network for their settlements. The update will include new Civic Buildings, Production Chains, newspaper stories, and a new population, along with a collection of quality-of-life changes and bug fixes.

Paula played the game in Early Access and was pleasantly surprised by the game, even in that early stage. Throughout its time in Steam Early Access, Sweet Transit has received four major updates, with the game introducing new resource chains, buildings, and trains, along with overhauled logistics and planning systems, customisable difficulty and world generation, ‘scenarios’ challenge mode, Steam Deck support, an updated UI, improved tutorials, and countless quality of life changes. For more information on Sweet Transit, including past and future updates, please check out the Steam store page.

Sweet Transit LadiesGamers

Soundtrack Released for Millennia

Paula is very glad that they have released all the music tracks from Millennia. It’s a brilliant soundtrack, especially the Prelude of Primals. It has a didgeridoo and throat singing, which is one of the first tracks you hear when playing the game. Be sure to check it out when you enjoy playing the game!


Preorders for Cupid Parasite: Sweet and Spicy Darling

Preorders for the otome visual novel Cupid Parasite: Sweet and Spicy Darling go live on April 25th, and the release date is in sight: May 28th. Along with the preorder start date announcement, fans can also head to the official website and check out new dialogue screenshots in the Gallery and the new System and Sound pages. The dialogue screenshots are a peak into the minds of each love interest from the game.

Here’s the storyline for Cupid Parasite: Sweet and Spicy Darling: while working for a major marriage agency named Cupid Corporation, Cupid the goddess of love herself, strived to become the top bridal advisor. She was assigned five hopeless clients known as the Parasite 5!

Even after guiding them through mock dates, matchmaking seminars, and the reality show “Parasite House,” all five abruptly cancelled their memberships! Yet their departures brought all their personal challenges to the surface. As she confronted these issues with them, they overcame many unexpected obstacles…And she fell in love with “him.”

Illustration from 'Cupid Parasite Sweet and Spicy Darling' featuring a stylish male character with shoulder-length brown hair, relaxing and savoring a bite of a delicious-looking dango. He wears a vibrant yellow and blue kimono with modern twists, including a patterned jacket. His contented expression, surrounded by floating pink cherry blossoms and a soft, warm color palette, creates an inviting and cozy atmosphere. Published on: LadiesGamers.

Fabledom Coming Out of Early Access

Indie developer Grenaa Games, teamed up with Dear Villagers, announced that the wholesome game Fabledom is coming out of early access on May 13th. Console versions are on the horizon as well!

Meanwhile, the early access game has had an update on Steam, titled “A Wedding in a Chateau”. The update introduced new mechanics and structures like the Grand Castle and the romantic Feasting Hall. Players can now embark on a charming romantic journey leading up to an in-game wedding ceremony. This update enriches the cosy, enchanting world of Fabledom, offering more immersive experiences as the full release nears. And reading Paula’s preview from last year’s early access, it’s a good thing the world of Fabledom is more immersive now!

Dive into Endless Ocean Luminous

It’s not exactly indie, but it’s looking great nonetheless: the wholesome game Endless Ocean Luminous is getting close to release as a Switch exclusive on May 2nd. From that date, you can dive into a vast, undersea world with marine life, hidden treasures and mysteries.

In the unexplored Veiled Sea, players can encounter over 500 known species and a variety of biomes like freshwater, saltwater, and frozen environments, which change throughout the day. Uncover the Mysteries of the Veiled Sea by searching for buried relics, unusual sights, and anomalous creatures. You might even make a friend by inviting a manta ray or two to swim with you or a lobster to hitch a ride on your tank!

With its soundscape and serene visuals, Endless Ocean Luminous offers leisurely gameplay and open-ended sensory experiences. Nintendo Switch Online members can even explore the ocean together in Shared Dives. Greet your fellow divers with a friendly gesture and then delve into the depths to share discoveries. As you complete dives, you’ll be able to unlock suit colours, stickers, and additional gestures to customize your diver. For even more variety, stay tuned for Event Dives, themed dives that will occur periodically and offer opportunities to see unusual sights and sea life.

For a limited time, you can take part with others in a free trial to see what Switch Online offers in Endless Ocean Luminous. After purchasing the game, you’ll receive a code to try Shared Dives for free for seven days. You can find the latest trailer here.

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