Will: A Wonderful World Coming to Switch

Will: A Wonderful World (Switch) is nearly here!

You know how I love a good story line in a game. So the fact that Circle Entertainment and 4D Door Games announced they will bring their latest story-driven RPG to the Nintendo Switch caught my attention. And soon too: the game is to be released on October 18! It’s developed by WMY Studio, an indie developer based in China, and this will be the first English version.

The game has been on Steam for a year now, and has been positively received. In the puzzle game you help people who write to you needing help. By rearranging the order and combinations of sentences in these letters, you are going to alter the destiny of whomever that wrote them. So you had better think carefully of the consequences before making each decision.

This is the description of the game:

“There was an urban legend…

Write your troubles down on a note. Hold it in your hand at midnight and pray. “God, please help me…” Then god will hear your plea and change your fate. It was only a legend though. It wasn’t even popular for very long…

A young girl wakes up, groggy in an unknown room. A talking dog appears before her and she becomes startled by the revelation he tells her: They are gods and it is their duty to change the fate of any humans that ask for their help. Letters appear in the mail and with pen in hand she begins her job”

EDIT: If you want to know more and find out what we thought of the game; check out our review: WILL: A Wonderful World (Switch) Review

Game Trailer:

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